Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello Out There!

Long time no blog, eh?  Sadly, not much has changed on the wedding front since the last post.  We do have our DJ booked, however this post will come later with a full blown survey of what you feel would be great music for our wedding.  So, be thinking about all those fabulous songs you can't help but dance to.

There is big news that is semi wedding related however...  Chris will be moving back to Springfield in a mere three weeks time!  Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!  Friends and family are familiar with the bellowing I, Ashley, have broadcasted about being long distance for some time now.  Chris and I began dating in December, 2008 and every bit of it since than has been long distance.  It has been fun going up to St. Louis and getting away on weekends, as well as counting down the days until Friday when Chris would be driving home... most of the time.  But, I am SO excited to have a normal, in the same town, get to eat dinner together, sit and watch TV during the week, kind of relationship.  It will be saweet. 

I have been singing Annie to Chris for several weeks now (you know, "Together at last!  Together forever.  We're tying a knot, that nothin can sever").  Ten weeks of having the fiance at home sounds pretty swell.  Then, he heads off to KC for 16 weeks to finish up his rotations and I get to enjoy seeing my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and a few besties when I head up to visit.  YAY!

So, hopefully within the next few weeks I will have more time (2 months until graduation, thank you baby Jesus) to put into our little wedding bloggio.  Lots of ideas, lots of pictures, lots of sharing. 
Can you SEE the excitement!?!?!