Tuesday, October 14, 2014


You have beautiful lips. Everyone always comments on your "perfect triangles".  Most of the time these lips are used for your loud talking or precious smiles. But, you can stick your bottom lip out like a boss. It's like it is your job to make a huge fit look amazinly adorable. (Note that this was taken while you are in your car seat. You still hate it. Which is lovely.)


Praise the Lord!!! Henry has really come around and is beginning to, dare I say, like you!!! He loves to go in with me to get you up in the morning and proclaims, "Good mornin Tucker!" He will snuggle up with you and watch his morning cartoon. He will show you toys (we are still working on sharing).  And he has requested hugs a few times. Counting these as huge successes towards your life long duty as best friends. 


You are goofy. Despite the frustration of no naps or wanting to be held ALL THE TIME, you can typically make me laugh pretty easily. You're all like, "Hey mom, don't be hatin... I love ya!"  I love you too little booger. 


I know this picture is fuzzy, but it makes me smile. Son, you are strong and loud. You have found your vocal cords and use them often. I love your little voice and pray you use it in great ways. 


In an attempt to try anything humanly possible to get you to nap, we have started wrapping you like a baby burrito. I know most sane parents do this from day one with their babes, but Henry always hated it, so logically we assumed you would also. Aren't all siblings identical?  You remind us daily that you are your own tiny little human self, which we adore. 


You live in your carrier at night. This is due to the fact that you hate the steoller and car seat. This pains your father and I because we love to go on evening walks. But, you prefer to be snuggled in tight and close. Oh child... You keep things interesting.