Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Dedication

Back on October 7th we were able to participate in our church's baby dedication with little Henry boy.  It was very humbling to be able to stand in front of fellow believers and basically make it public that we realize Henry is just ours temporarily.  And really, even during this temporary time, he isn't in our control. 

I'm going to be honest, the whole baby dedication thing kind of freaked me out to begin with.  I felt like it was another microscope I would be placed under or perhaps it was just a Christian routine of what parents did with their kids.  So, I've let it soak in for a while before posting about it because I really didn't know what to say.

So, we've dedicated Henry.  For me this means...

I realize that I have no control over this little soul I have been entrusted with.  I can't force him into any belief system, I can't make him be a godly man.  However, I can promise to pray over him, to seek Biblical wisdom or counsel when I have no idea what to do, to provide a loving environment that will hopefully teach him to love others, to be a good steward with what I have been blessed with in order to teach him to be giving, to admit when I am wrong in order to teach forgiveness and humility, to extend grace when he messes up (we've been over this, he's a sinner) so that he will hopefully understand the amazing grace we have been blessed with, to constantly turn to God for answers and help in order to show that I desire nothing more than to glorify Him in my daily ins and outs, to wear holes in the knees of my jeans from praying on them in order to show the importance of a relationship with Him. 

When I hear the word dedication I think of that little section in the beginning of some books.  The "I dedicate this to my parents because they are so awesome" kind of thing.  So, here you go God.  I dedicate this little boy to you.  Because you are so amazingly, wonderfully , indescribably, awesome.  I pray his little life is full of wonderful things.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Months Old!

Little Henry turned two months yesterday.  I waited until today to put a post together so I could get all of his stats.  Feels like it has been forever since we have been to the doctor, but that is a good thing!

Henry continues to be a great baby.  He coos and squeals now which makes awake time all that more enjoyable.  He loves it when you sing to him and will join in on his favorite songs.  We get a kick out of this and since Chris loves to sing anyways, our house is always filled with random songs.  We have started practicing our rolling over techniques and he does pretty well.  Hopefully by our three month post he will have this skill mastered.  What he has mastered is a sad face.  He can turn it on to get what he wants.  Your heart just melts and you realize how much he can manipulate us already!

Sleep was a hot topic in our household and has become a much better subject to discuss.  Henry takes an hour and a half nap at 9:30, 12:30 and again at 3:30.  He typically takes a cat nap from 6:30-7 and then from 7-8 he has decided to be fussy.  We entertain him during this time with baths, songs, his bouncy seat, swing, or just walking around the house.  Eight is still his bedtime, he has a dream feed at 10:30,  and over the past week (knock on wood) he has only been getting up once before we get him up at 8:00.  Last night was our first night that he slept the whole way through, hopefully this will continue.  Once he figured out sleep wasn't so bad, he seems to enjoy it.

This past month has been filled with his baby dedication, me returning to work, going to the sitter for the first time (Skyler is great), grandparent visits (helps that they live only 15 minutes away), and more and more outings.  We are starting to get the swing of things and enjoy showing the little guy off.

He still fits into his size 0-3 month clothing, but a few items are getting snug.  Most of them fit fine except for the length.  When he goes to stretch out in his footy pajamas, he can look a little silly.  We are finishing up a box of size one diapers and then will probably go ahead and move him into size two.  

Today was his two month check up and the boy is growing!  He weighs in at a big old 13.31 pounds!  He is in the ninetieth percentile for weight, seventy-fifth percentile for height, and his head circumference is in the fiftieth percentile.  The doctor said he looked great and is very healthy.  Poor kid had to get three shots, praying he handles them well.  We've got the Tylenol ready and lots of cuddles planned for the day.

Here are his weekly pictures since his one month post.  Going to have to put him on a chair eventually so he will look at the camera!  Little turkey.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Sappy Post

This whole blogging business has taken on a new chapter for me.  My hopes is to turn my posts over this year into a book.  A little present for myself when Henry turns one.  Something to document all of the fun (and perhaps not so fun, but meaningful nonetheless) moments in life.  So, apologies ahead of time for over sharing perhaps or focusing too much on this current season, but that is what it is, my current season.

A majority of the nights of the week, when the clock hits eight and it is time for Henry's bed time feeding, I turn into a crazed lady.  Last night was one of those times.  I have heard this is common with new moms.  It is a little frightening, honestly.  No matter how many times I remind myself the emotions will come and they will go, during that moment I can't control myself (or don't try hard enough).  So, I sobbed and sobbed as I put a baby who didn't want to go to bed, in his crib.

Every night we pray for a restful night.  Every night I cringe because I never know if that prayer will be answered and even moreso have no idea how I will be able to function another day in my current state.

At 10:30 we got Henry up for his dream feed.  I had calmed down (poor Chris, he is so good to me) and held the little guy's hand as I sat there and tried and tried to think of what I am doing wrong or what lessons God is attempting to teach me through this season.  Pray without ceasing, that's a no brainer now.  Patience, still working on that.  Extending grace, the kid is still alive :) just kidding.  Being a servant, I am stretched daily.  Doing things without complaining, I am catching myself more often.

After putting Henry back to bed and crawling into our own for the night, we said our last prayer together for the evening and it clicked.  While Chris was praying he said two things that I am sure he says every night, but for some reason I actually heard them last night.  He prayed that we would continually find time to be in the Word and to seek Him.  He also pointed out that we can do nothing without Him.


Grace, time in the Word, grace, time in the Word.

There is nothing during this season that I can do to improve it.  I need a big fat dose of humility and a reality check that God is in control, not me.

So, after we prayed and I said my own quiet "forgive me" prayer, we fell asleep.  Prayers were answered last night and Henry slept for a long stretch, Praise the Lord!  Tonight might not be the same, but He always provides what we need when we need it.  A restful night, a smile from a boy who is cantankerous, a husband who steps in when you have no idea what else to do, a friend who calls and just talks to you like normal, a picture of your cute niece and nephew, a facebook post from another mom in the same season posting just the right passage you need for that day, the list is endless of the blessings that have been poured down during this season that I continually think is so hard.

While Henry is currently napping and I should be doing housework (or paperwork for work for that matter), I sat and read Ecclesiastes 3 and listened to this song.  Contentment can be such a struggle at times, but today, I am content.