Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He's Here!!

Henry Michael Boschen entered the world on August 16 at 5:07pm.  Weighing in at a big old 8 pounds 3.5 ounces and measuring 21 and 1/4 inches long. It is safe to say we are ridiculously smitten.

My doctor had told me several weeks ago he did not want me to go past my due date due to my gestational diabetes and all of our ultrasounds had showed Henry weighing in at a good size. August 16th was set at our 37 week appointment.  So, we knew that he would either come before then or we would walk into the hospital at 5am on the 16th and have a baby that day. 

The day went very smoothly. I had my epidural early because my doctor is amazing and wanted me to enjoy the day (as much as one can enjoy labor I suppose). Unfortunately the epidural came out and after telling the nurse for two hours that something didn't feel right (she was very sweet mind you), we finally saw the anesthesiologist who said I needed a second one. After that, things progressed quickly and after 30 minutes of pushing, we met our boy. 

I only got really emotional once when I told the nurse with excitement that I got to take this little guy home. Needless to say, the tears flowed after that.

We stayed in the hospital for two nights, had several sweet visitors, and were discharged on Saturday.  We were told by the nurses that Henry was a snazzy dresser, had a sweet disposition and we had a pretty cute little family (I have to agree).  Chris was amazing during our hospital stay and it was something else to see him with his boy.  

We have been home now for four nights and are doing very well.  Lots of learning, patience, and just loving on our new addition.  Thank you for all of the prayers, texts, phone calls, etc.  We are beyond blessed and so very, very thankful. 

First family picture, love my two guys.