Monday, January 31, 2011

Registry Round 3

For our third registry, I knew we needed a place to get dishes.  My Grandma Arnold has kindly set aside her China from China (she got it when my Grandpa was in the service, how neat is that?!), so registering for China was not necessary. 

About a year ago I snagged a great deal at Macy's on Martha Stewart's line of white dishes.  I love these dishes.  They are a great quality, durable, and simple enough that you can jazz them up or be low key.  So, we plan on keeping these and registering for a couple extra sets (one bowl is MIA and a dinner plate has been broken already) for accidents.  What is great about Martha's line, we are on a first name basis, is she has colored pieces to mix and match.  So, we loved the gray pieces which just came out and added those on, not to mention the beautiful scalloped edged dinner plates.  This way we can get colorful table cloths, place mats, and napkins. 

I had considered other places for dishes.  My sister and a good friend registered for Pottery Barn dishes and both have replaced them since due to chipping.  I haven't ever really seen a set at Target that I love and since I am not registering for China, figured it is ok to splurge a little more.  There are a few other stores I really like, but since we do not have them in Springfield and a majority of our guest are in the area, I didn't want to put all my eggs in that basket and not get all the dishes we need.  Not to mention the fact I am my mother's daughter where if I don't like something, I save up and replace it as quickly as possible (the woman has had about four dish sets at least in my life time and is working on her fifth and that's just day to day dishes). 

The white dishes look just like this.  The gray looks more gray in real life.  We only registered for the salad plates and the bowls.

I am in love with these dishes!  We got the large dinner plates, so fun.

At this time the only thing we have on our registry at Macy are dishes and some cake stands.  I might eventually add a few items here and there, but a majority of their kitchen appliances can be found a little cheaper at Bed Bath and Beyond (not to mention guests can use 20% off coupons there) and we registered for our comforters there as well.  So, there is a sneak peek at our dishes, pretty basic, but lovely nonetheless.  And we are taking reservations now for anyone who would like to dine with us on these lovely plates =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Chris called me on my way home from work on Tuesday with a wonderful surprise.  He booked our honeymoon!!!  When we first started discussing where we wanted to go I gave him these request:
  • All inclusive
  • Beach
  • No kids
Other than that I said I didn't mind.  He asked around to friends and we did meet with a travel agent together who pointed us to some popular get ups.  However, one really stood out to us, Eldorado Seaside Suites on the Riviera Maya.  Isn't is beautimous?!

Thanks Brandon and Allison for the great suggestion.  I cannot WAIT!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flower Girl

What is the most precious thing about a wedding that steals every one's attention away before the bride makes her appearance?  The flower girl of course.  I must admit we have the cutest, sweetest little flower girl in the whole wide world, my little niece Kharis Grace.  I decided to tell you a little about this lovely little girl today because this past Saturday was her birthday!  Two years ago on a snowy January evening I was heading to class when I got the call that Kharis Grace was born.  Since that time, whenever she is around she is the center of attention and doesn't disappoint.  She has tons of little tricks up that tiny sleeve, not to mention the fact that she's got Uncle Bobo wrapped around her finger. 

I am so excited she gets to be a part of the big day.  She will be perfect.  The thing I am most looking forward to is seeing her dance.  She has some mad skills.  So, Happy Birthday to the best little flower girl in all the land. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day=

Day to sit at the computer pouring over wedding blogs and dreaming while having the blinds open to watch the snow and a sweet puppy sleeping beside me.  Pretty sweet if you ask me!  My house is all clean due to the fact it is on the market and I can't really do anything because I can't mess anything up, so the computer is my bff (despite the fact that I called and canceled Internet and cable today). 

I feel things have been very productive today.  One of the large items left on the wedding agenda were the invitations.  Save the Dates went out to close family and friends back in August (I really should put those up sometime, they are pretty stinking cute) and the thought of invitations has been looming.  My sweet friend Jenny is a VERY talented graphic artist person, titles confuse me, and offered to put together my invitations as a wedding gift.  Isn't that awesome!?  So, it was my roll to put together some ideas and then we would go from there.

When I started my searching adventure, I wanted something simple.  Are you seeing a theme with this whole wedding concept for me? ha.  Invites can be so beautiful, but they also can be very expensive.  Don't get me wrong, I have received several beautiful invites in the past that I adore, but we all know where they end up.  Therefore, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on printing cost and have a bulky invite that I would have to spend my other arm and leg on and possibly plasma for postage. 

So...  I was almost to the point of writing something on lined paper and sticking it in the mail when I found it!!!!  It is perfectly fitting for our wedding and I am so in love.  I turned the idea over to Jenny and we are in business.  Obviously I am not going to post the idea on here, I will probably wait until after the wedding to post them.  But, just you wait, they are precious!!!!  Now I have to figure out the wording I want... that's a whole other can of worms. 

Another item on the wedding to do list was to pick out a ring for Christopher.  He had sent me a few ideas way back when, but I went on the hunt again today.  I sent him my top pick, he loves it, and we are going to look at it the next weekend when I am in KC. 

Thank you snow day, you have allowed me to have fun with wedding planning and help relieve some stress which was sure to arise eventually.  This wedding planning stuff is a piece of cake.

On a totally unrelated note...  I saw this and thought of Chris.  He would love this to be at our wedding I'm sure.

Style me Pretty

*Sorry this post is a day late.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Coffee Maker Battle

Chris and I are the yellowed teeth, give me some coffee, can't start my day without a cup kind.  Not really.  He likes a cup on cold mornings and thinks of it as a dessert item and could drink a cup right before going to bed.  I on the other hand, try my best not to drink it daily and only like it when it is overwhelmed by all that is bad for you or when I know I am going to need a kick in the rear to get me through the day. 

But, we do like us some coffee and want a coffee maker.  However, we go back and forth on what kind.  Currently on the registry we have this:
Whoever invented this fine machine, I would like to kiss on the mouth (maybe not, after all they invented a coffee machine, stinky inky).  However, my mother and grandmother both have these little get ups and we both love them.  I love how I can select a flavor and it is ready in no time.  Chris sees it as a toy and has as many cups as possible, kidding Chris.  This is a lovely item seeing as how we don't really drink in excess and clean up appears to be a breeze.

However, the boxes of coffee can get a little pricey.  Also, if you have a big group over you have to provide several choices rather than, "Would you like some coffee?" and then wait for the cups to be completed one at a time.  Plus, I have read reviews and some love it and some feel they don't last.

Then there is this little ditty we contemplated:
A legit coffee maker.  Let's face it, Bunns are great.  They brew in like three minutes, they last forever, Panera has them...  need I say more?  We do not want a coffee maker that grinds and brews (I have heard that clean up is a pain and they are huge), and while the whole self timer concept is nice, when it brews in three minutes you have no room to complain.

However, as stated previously, I like my coffee tainted with sugar, cream, and any syrup I can get my hands on.  Plus, we wouldn't drink an entire pot.  We bounced around the idea of registering for both, but who wants to store two coffee makers?  So, now is your time to rise and speak out coffee drinkers!  Which do you prefer, old school or the new guy? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Day, Big Decision

After lots of prayer and asking advice from our family and friends, Chris and I made the decision to put my house up on the market.  When I arrive home from work tonight, a for sale sign will be in my front yard and I just might break down a little. 

We are still not sure of what is in store for us once we are married.  I have completed my counseling degree, Chris will be wrapping up his schooling in May, and I have a wonderful job with wonderful people and kiddos.  However, we felt it best to at least try and sell the house.  So, I called the wonderful Tammie Tucker and low and behold here we are.  I am scared off my rocker and so sad at the same time.  So many memories in my cute little blue house in the short time I have had it...  But I am excited for the memories the future hubs and I will be making together wherever we might be.  So, say a little prayer that the right buyer might stumble upon my cute little picket fenced house and want to talk numbers. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Registry Round 2

I scream, you scream we all scream for Target...  That didn't work.  What's red and round and has awesomeness written all over it?  You got it!!  Our second stop on the registry tour was Target.  Who doesn't love a stroll down Target's lanes?  I could go there to fight boredom, buy an outfit for Friday night, or get some toilet cleaner.  Target, you rock.

I appreciate all the advice we have received as far as registry items.  It is quite the daunting task, if I do say so myself.  SO much fun, but so many what ifs, which I am not a fan of.  For example, several have suggested some form of storage item.  I agree, every place needs storage.  However, when arriving at the storage isle and asking the fiance to point out anything he feels we would need, he replies with the fact that he has lived out of storage containers for the past six months and I have several in my home already.  I contemplated this, thinking of anything else we would need, got overwhelmed, and moved on, ha!  I will tackle this task another day and be oh so thankful you can update online.

It was fun though, seriously.  We went down every isle and at this time have four end tables for our living room.  Decision making is not my thing, don't worry I will be removing some soon.  It makes me sad we really don't have any other registry outings.  Our finally registry stop we did completely online.  But, enough of that, here are some favorites from the day:
My shoes have been in roller bins under my bed for five years.  I am kind of ready to have them set out in a closet all nice and neat, space willing of course.
Firepit?  Yes please!
When you are marrying a Boschen, one must have an abundance amount of games.
Card table, always a nice thing to have.
Accent pillows are what pulls a room together.

We need us some luggage.  My friend Wirth has this set and I love it.  We registered for pieces we felt we needed rather than an entire set.  It is gray, has four wheels, and it's just pretty.

 Now, I promise there are little, boring items on there, too (although much needed).  Drying rack, cleaning supplies, shelf liners for the kitchen, kitchen towels, an egg slicer...  But, those pictures are not as captivating, not to mention not found online. 

So, I leave you with one question that has been bothering me.  To canister or not to canister?   We have registered for a few kitchen appliances which will have to be out in the kitchen (coffee maker, KitchenAid...) and I don't want a cluttered kitchen.  I see the convenience of having your flour, sugar, and other items at easy access and there are some cute canisters out there.  However, is it necessary?  Should I put these things in the cabinet so there is one less thing to take up space?  What are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Registry Round Number 1

While Chris and I were both off work for the holidays, I proposed we get our registries going.  My sister was AMAZING and in our engagement gift, she enclosed a print out where she had broken down each room in the house and included items she felt were a must.  She has been married for 5 years, so I was so thankful to be able to know the items which she still uses and also items she has purchased since her wedding date which she finds useful.  Isn't that awesome of her!? 

We decided to hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond and I let Chris point and shoot. It was SO much fun!! I regret not taking my camera (but I will for sure when we go to Target this coming weekend). We were all smiles thinking about where each item will go in our place. Here a few of my favorite items we registered for:


Some of the softest sheets ever!
Can you tell I like sleeping?

I haven't had a working toaster in years! 

There are several other items I love, but these are my favorites so far.  We will head to Target to add to our list on Chris' first visit back to Springtown from Kansas City.  I will be sure to add my favorites from that adventure as well. =)

So, here is my question for you readers and creepers (Sarah, you know you are one too, haha), can you think of any must have or recommendations from your home that we should consider putting on the registry?  I would love to hear them!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So Long 2010

Chris and I have had a fabulous two weeks of holiday celebration.  We didn't have to travel until the 31st, so it was nice to be in Springtown with the fam.  My sister, brother-in-law, and niece were all in from Tennessee.  It was great to be able to see all of them, especially since the next time I will be seeing them little Ben will be here! 

The time was bittersweet however, because we both knew that when 2011 came rolling in, Chris would be rolling out to KC.  His final two rotations for school will be at the KCVA and neither of us were excited about going back to our routine of just weekend visits.  However, we have so much to be thankful for from 2010 and so much to look forward to in 2011.  A few of our blessings from this past year consist of:
  • Chris passing his first two rounds of boards, only one more to go!
  • I completed my fourth year of teaching and am enjoying my fifth.
  • Chris was chosen to go to FL for the Optometry Bowl and I got to tag along.
  • MU beat OU
  • I found out I will be an aunt again, only this time to a precious boy.
  • Chris completed four out of his six rotations.
  • I completed grad school, sweet bliss.
We are both looking forward to 2011.  Who would be with these things in store:
  • Chris will graduate on May 14th and my official graduation is on April 30th.
  • Getting to live in the same town, and under the same roof.
  • Wedding bells will be ringing on June 18.
  • Honeymoon to a wonderful beach location.
  • Getting to start our lives together. 
We pray your year was full of happiness and pray for big blessings for all of you in 2011!
New Year's Resolution: take more pictures!