Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unhealthy Addiction...

I have learned over the past few months that I have an unhealthy addiction to workout videos.  

The two years post college, I lived in an apartment which had a workout facility.  I still had a pretty good metabolism, so the treadmill and small weights were fine with me.  When I moved into my house, I joined a gym.  I was in grad school so I got a student discount which was quite handy and affordable.  I was pretty religious about my routine.  All was well.  

Then, after a year I decided I could save a little money and attempted to have the mindset of "I will become a wonderful runner".  That worked for a while.  I seriously would get up at 4:30, go for a three mile jog, then return home to prepare myself for work.   Where in the world did that motivation go?

As the seasons changed, the warmness of my home became more appealing than putting on twenty layers and hitting the pavement so I fed into the whole P90x craze.  HA!  That lasted for a good 40-45 days.  Despite the results I saw in others, my fatigue and inability to climb the stairs effectively at work won out.

Next came Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  I really did like this.  Laziness won out on this workout, and boredom.  Sorry Jillian.

After Jillian became old to me, I got roped into buying Chalean Extreme.  This one I really did like.  But, I noticed my jeans were becoming tighter in the thigh area.  Not because I was gaining weight, but because my muscles were becoming larger.  While this is a good problem to have, I wasn't justifying in my head going out and buying LARGER clothing items because I was becoming more fit.  Seriously, that was messing with me.  So, I stopped.  Although, I should start it again.  

Now, I am desiring a new workout DVD.  Jillian has enticed me once again with another video.  It is only $10.  And I PROMISE I will run more if I just got some new shoes and some warmer pants.  

Who am I kidding.  I just need to bite the bullet and join a gym.  My husband is somewhat tired of this unhealthy addiction.  Anyone want to buy some workout DVDs? I think I need to purge.