Monday, July 30, 2012

Henry's Room

Henry's room is tiny and probably my favorite room in the house.  It was my office and coat closet and kept this identity when Chris moved in after the wedding last summer.  Around Easter, we started making the transition from office to baby room.  So weird.  Our computer was moved into the living room and I was forced to get rid of some clothes (and my sweet in laws are currently housing our winter coats, we will cross that bridge when we get there).  

Chris surprised me while I was away on Palm Sunday weekend and painted the room.  We had already purchased the crib, so of course as soon as I got home, it was a must to put it up.  Since the room is so tiny, storage is huge.  We found this crib on of all places and I love the drawer under the crib.  This is great storage for his extra sheets, changing pad cover, blankets, and a few other odds and ends.  

We went rounds on what to hang above his crib.  Lots of prints?  A few prints?  Random pictures?  Just words?  We decided on a sweet line from Where the Wild Things Are, a tiger (of course), and a fun lyric from an Elton John song.  My dear friend Jenny put these prints together for us, as well as the print on the peg board.  I found this mobile from Wee Gallery.  You can spend a fortune on mobiles and when I read about them, you really are only supposed to have them up for a few months.  Didn't seem worth it to me.  I also read that the first few weeks a baby focuses in on black and white, so this seemed fitting not only for the colors of the room, but because we are all about eye care in this household.  If he doesn't like it, we didn't break the bank.  

Next up was the dresser.  My friend Nancy had painted a dresser in this fashion for her nursery and I fell in love.  My parents found this dresser at an auction and it is the perfect dimensions for a changing table.  We attempted to just paint the knobs white, that was a disaster.  So, off to Lowe's it was.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

I found the idea of putting a peg board above the changing table on pinterest (of course).  This is a great way to hold a few diapers without taking up any additional space and a fun background for a few special pieces.  I love the verse we chose to put on the board.  A constant reminder of how we hope Henry will be raised.  I have toyed with the idea to add a mobile on the peg board, but I haven't found anything I love and I am not the most creative being in the world.

The little book shelves were found at a garage sale by my mom.  Fifty cents each!  We sanded them and added some paint.  They are the perfect size to house some "special books" that can be easily reached.  

The shelves were already around the top of the room and I decided to keep them.  Henry has several books already and I wanted to display them as well as a place for his stuffed animals. There is still a hole that we can fill with some random toys or storage boxes if needed.  My favorite item on this shelf is Chris' childhood stuffed animal, Lenny the Lion.  He no longer looks like a lion.  His Grams was very sweet to get us a "Big Lenny" at our family shower.  I am sure Big Lenny will get his fair share of love.

Kind of dark, but I think you get the picture.

Chris also vamped up Henry's closet for him.  It used to just have one bar up top.  Chris added the shelf and another bar in order to be able to hang more clothing.  Down low we have a shoe storage shelf with boxes for bath toys, chew toys, pacifiers, etc.  Jasper discovered Henry's Sophie the giraffe one day and will now go back and scratch at the door in search of his friend.  We are going to have to watch him when we actually start using Sophie.  

My favorite piece of the entire room is the rug.  It is so bold and fun.  The little step stool was an auction find from mom and the pillow cases were made by a friend, Chrissy.  I was so sad the room was going to be too small for a rocking chair, I still wanted a comfy place to sit.  So, I thought the pillows would be nice if we were wanting to play in his room or for a late night feeding. 

And there you have it!  I am sure there are odds and ends I might add over the next few weeks prior to his arrival, but it is basically finished!  I love how cozy it is and I cannot wait to tuck the little guy into bed on his first night home.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

35 Weeks

Five weeks or less, FIVE WEEKS OR LESS!!!  This makes me giddy with excitement.  While I know I will go through stages of missing peace and quiet in this home, I am ready to meet my boy.  We will go in for an ultrasound at 38 weeks and hope at that time have a better time frame in mind for when he will arrive.  

This summer has been drastically different than most.  Makes me laugh at times.  While I normally am go, go, go and want to be outside as much as possible so I am sun kissed rather than Casper like, my air conditioned home is my refuge.  I have been puttering around the house a lot, avoiding the heat and when I have to get out to run errands or what have you, I am miserable when I am finished.  I kind of miss mowing the lawn and have thought several times about joining my neighbors in placing an above ground pool in the front yard...

I was looking back at pictures from 20 weeks or so and laughed at how small I was compared to now.  I remember crying to Chris about being so large, now it is just a joke.  I can only imagine what I will look like when I actually head into the hospital.  I have had several comments that I look small for 35 weeks, I think these people know how to humor a pregnant lady.  

Henry continues to be active and his movements are becoming much more painful.  We both like to spread out, so whenever I have the chance, I am back in my room, laying on the bed.  This is where I do my reading and papers for work and have been known to eat a few lunches back there.  Sitting doesn't last long these days.

While I find myself complaining at times about my back aching, my feet being large, my knuckles hurting in the morning (seriously, I feel like I have claws), or just the fact that bending over takes a huge effort, I realize we are beyond blessed.  We have survived 35 weeks.  I have a sweet friend who is on bed rest at the hospital right now with her little man who wanted to make an appearance 11 weeks early.  She will stay there until the doctors feel it is safe or momma's body can't take it anymore.  I sit with Henry and pray over this sweet family daily and tell little man that he can stay in for a while longer if he needs to chunk up some more.  

Five weeks and counting.

Yes I had a mom to be moment about three weeks ago and cut off 5 inches of hair.  I miss my long hair, but love this length as well.  

A Baby Shower

A little over a year ago I was writing about my wonderful wedding showers, now I get to post about baby showers.  God's timing is funny at times.  

About a month ago (I know, way behind on the blog front), my amazing sister planned and threw me a beautiful shower.  She had help from my mom, sweet friend Danavee, mother in law, and Grandma Arnold helped with the food.  I have mentioned that my sister starting thinking about my shower from the time I announced I was pregnant, if you attended I am sure the details proved this fact.  

It was perfect.

She found several cute children's books and had a bed time story themed shower.  SO CUTE!  Each book had a coordinating food and there was quite the spread.  I received my pack in play which was all set up and gifts were placed inside, my mom made some cute mobiles which were hung, the table had a pillow and sheet like a bed, a chalkboard was hung on the front door saying, "Shhhhh", I opened my gifts from a rocking chair, it was just amazing.  Several family and friends came and Henry was spoiled rotten.  

Here are a few pictures of the shower (thank you Tammi for taking these).  I wish I would have thought to have gotten some more prior to everyone getting there and I am so sad I didn't get a picture with my sister and mom.  Take my word for it though, cutest baby shower!!!

My cute niece Kharis added the mouth to the fruit baby all on her own.

Delicious cake!!  We have a large piece frozen to eat once Henry comes home.

The glass, vintage baby bottles were a huge hit.

Kharis was a big help opening all of the gifts.

  Thanks Katie!!!!