Friday, December 24, 2010

La Casa

I love my little house.  It is delightful.  I love the white trim, my little office, my big windows, my cold hard wood floors which are perfect with slippers, the fact that there is color every where (even though I long for white in my living room), it's dreamy.  I am not sure what will become of our living situation once we say, "I do" but I know inevitably, my house will have other occupants and it will be nostalgic to drive by with our kids one day and tell them, "That's where Daddy proposed to Mommy."

Because of this fact, I cherish all the times right now when the house is neatly cleaned and a fire is going.  Here are a few pictures of the house all dolled up for Christmas time. 

While not overly Christmasy, my bedroom is finally complete so I had to share (minus knobs for my dresser).

A cute little ornament my parents got me for my Thanksgiving Eve gift.

These salad plates are so cute!  Also part of my Thanksgiving Eve gift, there are six which have the process of building a snowman, each one different.

My mentor from my first year of teaching gave this to me.  It is filled with notes from my first class and all of their pictures.  I read them every year, I loved those kiddos.

Cute little mini city from MBTweens, love it.
An inexpensive way to display all the Christmas cards we receive (this pic was taken a few weeks back in case you are wondering where your card is).

My dad has this set, I love it so he found one similar for me.

I had a difficult time deciding what to do with my mantel this year, so it isn't something I love per say.  I love all the pieces, just wanting something more cohesive.  The little manger scene was an engagement gift from Chris' parents.  Baby Jesus is missing, Chris' mom said we will get Him on our first married Christmas (kind of an ongoing joke from our first date).

A close up of the wreath I made for the mantel.

A larger version of our mini nativity scene.  My dad got me this one a few years ago.  It is made out of wood from Jerusalem.  I think it is beautimous.

And who could forget Jasper?  Here he is, enjoying his Christmas gifts.

Christmas Time is Here

It's a Christmas miracle!  My computer was simply needing a slight vacation as opposed to the death sentence I had written it.  Apologies for the posts back to back, but it is Christmas Eve and it just wouldn't be the same if I posted these after the fact.  So...

Feeling much like cattle at Silver Dollar City.

I L-O-V-E Christmas time, love it.  I love why we celebrate it, the togetherness which encompasses it, giving to others, the humility which seems to be brought as a result, I just really enjoy this time of year.  I also love the fact that this is my last Christmas with a Miss at the front of my name.  Chris and I started our relationship this time of year, so we have already started several traditions, and are sure to have more in the future.  Here are a few of our fun traditions, some new, some old:
  • This year after spending some time trimming the tree and decking the halls, we enjoyed a nice sushi meal in front of the fireplace (and Elf on the TV).  I hope to continue this tradition next year =)
  • On the night of Thanksgiving I have always watched Home Alone, Chris has entered in on this habit.  That Kevin gets me every time.
  • I have also forced Chris to watch numerous other Christmas movies.  I would watch one every night if allowed, and if I could stay awake.
Traditions we intend to begin once we are married:
  • I saw the idea of "Hope Notes" on a blog and just loved the idea.  At the end of the holiday season, the family takes time to write notes to other members of what they hope to see happen in the upcoming year.  These notes are tucked into each individuals stocking and packed away.  When the time comes to hang the stockings the following year, the notes can be read aloud to see what has been accomplished (and possibly bring some laughs along the way).  The notes can then be tucked into a journal to reflect on throughout the year. 
  • It is very important to both of us to give to others.  While my overall prayer is we are able to do this year round, it always seems to tug at the heart strings a little more this time of year.  We have a few specific ideas of how we would like to do this in the future and Chris is excited to begin some next year.  He really is a great guy, I lucked out.
  • There is always a real Christmas tree in the Boschen household.  I remember having one when we were young, but fake has always been our cup of tea.  After seeing my mom crawl under the tree to water it and the empty pathway to the tree in order to do so, as well as having a time limit for how long the lights could be on, I love my fake tree.  But, I also think of the Griswold's and their adventurous trip to seek out the tree which will overrun the living room and scorch Grandma's cat, that is what memories are made out of!  So, we will probably have a real tree for a period of time at least.
  • Hot chocolate, whipped cream, and a candy cane, nuf said.  Drink sent from heaven this time of year and it will flow rapidly in our household.
There are some more sentimental jargon, but I won't bore you.  What are some of your festive holiday traditions? 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


That's right folks!  Six months!  That just sounds so close it's crazy.  We are more than half way down on our engagement road.  I cannot believe it.  Not only does this weekend bring jubilant dancing in regards to six months, but tomorrow will be our two year anniversary.  The past two years have been wonderfully blissful and have really gone by quickly.  I mean, why shouldn't it when you have this guy to entertain you?

But, anywho... 
It is strange to think that this will be the last "anniversary" we celebrate on December 19th.  After this  year, our anniversary will be June 18, oh goosebumps.  To celebrate this occasion, we always reenact our first date; Christmas lights and McDonald's.  This year we decided to step it up a notch and are headed to Silver Dollar City tonight to see some epic lights and will hit up the crazy house on Luster and some double cheeseburgers tomorrow evening.  Ah, heavenly.

Christmas is right around the corner and then the New Year is among us.  This coming year is full of crazy wonderfulness. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mawage, Mawage is Whot Bwings us Togeder Tooday

Chris and I are very excited about our mawage.  We have amazing role models; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, my sister and brother in law, friends.  With that being said, we know it is a lot of work.  I have heard from some that the first year of marriage is a walk in the park, others say it is a huge learning experience.  After we became engaged, I told Chris that I found it to be very important to go through premarital counseling with an actual counselor.  Our uncles will be officiating our wedding (more about the two of them on another post) and both live out of state, therefore having a consistent counseling plan would not have been possible.  Therefore, we have agreed upon a local Christian counselor who we will visit with at least six times between now and the wedding.
While we still intend to sit down and talk with our uncles about what we desire from our marriage and what we are/will do to work towards that, I am excited to sit with someone who is a trained counselor as well as Christian who can pick our brains.  I am a firm believer that if more couples participated in truthful, bold, fearless premarital counseling, there would be less divorces.  Both Chris and I have already agreed that once the vows are made, that's it.  So, we have a good seven months to really decide if we are ready to take those vows (I have no fear that we will not).  I know premarital counseling will not cure all of our problems, but will provide a setting for discussion so that we can work through it now.  However, I pray we are better equipped as a result of this.
So, all you young pups out there getting married soon (and I know there are several), I pray that you consider seeking marriage counseling or even finding a couple who has a few years under their belts who are willing to mentor you and be that bold sounding board.  One thing I am really excited about is the day where Chris and I are the more seasoned couple and are able to be there for a young couple (and all the bumps and amazingness between now and then).