Thursday, July 18, 2013

11 Months

Let's see if I can post your 11 month entry during the week you turned 11 months.  Wouldn't that be an achievement?

I have been sappy all week due to you hitting the 11 month mark.  I don't know if it is how pictures are starting to look little boy like rather than baby like, the fact that we are one month from your first birthday and the planning is actually underway, but I am so sad.  My itty bitty baby isn't so itty bitty anymore.  You don't cry as much when I leave, the cuddle time is minimal (because you are always on the go), and those rolls are slimming down.  Dear Henry, you are growing up too fast.

You are a curious little boy who wanders around the house.  I love taking you to new places and watching you explore.  You are starting to stand on your own, but you don't realize what you are doing yet.  I am totally fine with you not learning to walk yet.  You get around just fine with your bear crawl ways, walking is just another step in the growing up process that I am not ready for.

You continue to be a healthy little eater.  Popsicles are a fun treat that you enjoy.  It is a messy mess, but so stinking cute.  We are sticking around the seven teeth mark.  I see a few more starting to come in, but for now we've got seven.  You have a gap between your two front teeth that is adorable.  I'm crossing my fingers you inherit your father's "perfect bite". 

Your personality is hilarious.  You focus on details and squeal with delight.  You definitely are an observer and it takes you a little while to warm up.  Once you feel comfortable though, watch out!  You give grins out freely and have the cutest little wave.  Everyone loves to hold you because of your fluff, you prefer to be down exploring. 

You can say "dog" pretty clearly and continue to look around for "Jaja" when he isn't in the room.  You mimic syllables which is so fun.  You are definitely more vocal over the past month.  

You are as cute as cute can be and I can't get enough of you!  I give you a million kisses a day because someday I'm sure that will be embarrassing.  Fair warning child, you're still gonna get them. 

10 Months

Another very delayed post.  Mom of the year award, thank you so much.  I am terrible about uploading pictures.

I can't believe we are already at month TEN!  You're little personality shines more and more each day, little one. Every night after you go to bed, Chris and I sit and talk about how cute and sweet you are. We are smitten beyond belief.

You have SEVEN teeth now. SEV-EN!  Four on top and three on the bottom. It is so silly to see you giggle with your mouthful of little toothers. You like to bite your momma still.  You think it is hilarious, I however beg to differ. Pureed food is very rare nowadays.  You love table food.  Chicken, veggies, fruit, whatever you can get into those chubby hands and shoveled in your mouth.   

You are everywhere. You have started to cruise a little around the furniture, but crawling is your preferred mode of transportation. You bear crawl on the hard woods to keep those nubby knees protected. 

You are a sweet, happy little fellow. We chit chat through the day. "Dada" is your favorite phrase now. I think you say hi every so often and you say Jaja when you see Jasper. You light up when you see other kiddos. We are very blessed to be surrounded by lots of littles, so we have lots of fun play dates.

You recognize your grandparents now, which they love.  You reach for your grandmas and give lots of smiles to your grandpas.  We are so thankful to live close to them.  They ask to watch you often and it is so fun to see you bond with them.  You will be begging to go to their house before too long. 

We couldn't imagine life without you. It is hard to believe we are starting to plan your first birthday party!

Getting pictures out of you is a full body work out.  You just go go go.  I love it!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 Months

LOOOONNNGGGG overdue nine month post.  Like two months past due.

Whew, another fast month.  When I wrote your 8 month post you had just learned to go from your belly to a sitting position.  It seems like from there you just took off.  Before we knew it you were standing up in your bed and then crawling.  Now you pull up on EVERYTHING, crawl EVERYWHERE and are a busy, busy boy.

Your top left tooth is through and the right is shortly behind.  The teeth on either side are starting to show as well.  That means that pretty soon you will be a six tooth wonder.  Teething has not been too bad (knock on wood).  You still drool and chew on everything.  You have also picked up the new trick of biting your mother.  So not cool, child.  You've put your new teeth to good use in the feeding department.  You still eat your pureed food for the most part, but you are into table food.  Peas, carrots, puffs, eggs, bananas, and perhaps a few nibbles of whatever is on my plate (you love pancakes).  If your rolls are any indication, eating will not be a battle with you.

You are much more vocal these days.  Momma and babababa are your favorite sounds.  You've got until Father's Day to master the dada.  You sing and dance, which is awesome.  You have also started to reach to the sky for no apparent reason from time to time.  It is hilarious and you talk to me while you are doing it.

You are still a momma's boy.  You love your dad and I am so excited to see your relationship grow as you become older.  I am eating up this time though because I know it won't last for forever.  The day will come when you will be off at the batting cages with your dad or on the golf course.  For now, I will gladly pick you up when you reach for me.

Your facial expressions crack me up.  I would love to get inside that little head of yours to hear your thoughts.

We are spending much more time outside which has been so fun.  You love to go on walks, swing, play in the grass, and explore.  This month has been chopped full of learning.  I am excited to see what is next, but again am ready for things to slow down.

Love you little baby boy. 

I also failed to take a picture with the chalk board for month nine.  Thankfully, the wonderful Meg White took pictures on his ninth birthday, so it's all good.