Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite Past Time

I have several things I enjoy doing during my free time.  Reading a good book, talking on the phone to some buddies, hit up a thrift store, go for a walk with the dog, you know the general.  But, one of my all time favs is to shop.  I love shopping.  I have held back significantly over the past six months or so from my normal trips to the mall however, ya know trying to be good on the old bank account.  However, I feel justified to shop my little heart out right now.  I have six showers coming up!  And who doesn't want to look cute and dolled up when a shower is being thrown for you?  I feel very blessed by all the upcoming events and cannot wait to spend time with friends and family. 

So, I have been daydreaming slightly of spring like dresses and curled hair.  I am excited.  Here are a few cute dresses which have caught my eye:


J Crew

Don't get me wrong folks.  Anthropologie and J Crew will be indulgences, but I am loving their look right now.  I have already requested that we shop a tad this weekend while I am in KC and Chris has given into my request.  Way to go Chris.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Find the Fiction

I work with some pretty fabulouso peeps who always keep me on my toes.  This year we have been delightfully given the opportunity to participate in some inservice training for cooperative learning.  During these days of bliss, we are asked to practice with our coworkers structures which we can then implement into our classrooms.  Overall the process is pretty fun, because we get to play and pretend like we are once again students. 

At our last meeting, one of the new structures was entitled "Find the Fiction."  Several of you have probably enjoyed this during your school going days.  You are asked to write down three statements, one of them being a lie.  Yes, we teachers encourage our students to practice the art of deceiving, they gotta have street smartz folks. 

My witty friend Whit came up with a spectacular idea to twist this concept into a blog post!  I told you I worked with the best of the bestest.  So, here I go.  Below are three statements, two of which are true, one of which is me pulling out some pathological lier tendencies and is false (however I PROMISE you I saw Shaun White on the slops, promise).  Your job is to comment with a guess on which you feel is the fib. Then if you would like to take it one step further, create your own blog entry of "Find the Fiction".  Here we go:

1.  When I was little and on a grocery store outing with my madre, I felt it neccessary to open a box of cookies because they needed to breathe.

2.  I have Screech's autograph.

3.  My favorite book of all times is Sarah Plain and Tall.  Seriously, it is a must read.

There you have it!  Do you think you have a guess?  (mine isn't as tricky as Danavee's and Whit's, booo)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Million Minus 2

Meet the Blaines and the Brittons.  

These two wonderful families have felt the calling towards international adoption.  Throughout the past year it has been amazing to see the burden laid upon their hearts turn into loads of paper work being processed, finger prints, being placed on the waiting list, and all the while seeing God show up in amazing ways to provide for them.  It is so sweet to listen to their excitement for the little ones who will hopefully enter into each of their homes within the next year.  Even more so it tugs on my heart strings to hear them lift up the two moms who are going to place their babes into their care.  

With every adoption comes expenses and with an international adoption, you not only take into account the paper work fees, but also traveling expenses.  These families will be traveling to Ethiopia twice throughout their journey.  They have come up with the most creative ways to raise funds for their expenses, not to mention the generous anonymous gifts they have received.  If you would like to help support them in this endeavor, here are two fun ways to get involved.

1.  T-Shirts!  Who doesn't love a soft t-shirt to run around in?  They are selling shirts for $15 and they are lovely.

2.  Garage Sale!!!  This weekend, February 26, they will be hosting a large garage sale at our church, High Street Baptist.  All money raised goes towards the adoption and there will be LOTS of good stuff.  So, if you have been doing some spring cleaning and would like to fill up some empty closet space or holes throughout the house, come by the church between 7 am and 3 pm.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you Pronounce That?

I'll admit, I have been a beginning of the alaphabet snob my whole life.  My initials are AA...  All you end of the alphabet people, let's not fool ourselves.  It is pretty sweet being first in line in elementary school, listed first for sport rosters (or do they do that by number? whatev), being first in the year book...  It was swell.  As a teacher, I assign my students numbers according to their abc order and smile every year when I find out who numbero uno is.  Because that was me in most cases.

So, you can imagine my giddiness when I stopped to think that Chris' last name begins with a B!  Now, it ain't no A people, but come on, not to shabby.  AND when you put our names together, you get C-A-B.  That, was the selling point (until I realized that isn't really how monograms are placed and my dream of having Thank You cards with a sweet little vintage cab with "Just Married" on the window came crashing to a pivotal end). 

However, Chris' last name is very unique.  Here it goes...  Boschen.  From the moment he was linked to my facebook profile by the words, "in a relationship" I have had several friends ask the question, "Now, how do you pronounce his last name?"   So, today I am bringing to you a lesson in how to pronounce what will be my new last name.  (key Sesame Street music in the background)

Here is the easiest way to explain it.  Think lotion then you can prounounce Boschen.  Or you might even go with ocean with a B attached to the beginning.  There you go, you're getting it!!!

While I am SO happy my blog readers are able to say my new last name.  I am pretty sure we will be sticking with Ashley or Chris when we go to restaurants.  Or perhaps, Tangler, cause you don't Tangle with the Tangler!!!!  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1.  I only have one more test to take, hopefully ever.  In early April I will take my National Counseling Exam so that I can add the letters PLPC to the end of my name.  After 3,000 supervised hours I can drop the first P and it will just be LPC.  Chris also has one more test to wrap up his degree.  His last round of boards will be in April as well.  So excited for him to add Dr. to the beginning of his name on May 14.
Christa and sweet baby girl.

Katie and sweet Baby Ben.

2.  The number of preggo bridesmaids I have.  My sister is due on the 26th of this month, so my phone is attached to my hip at all times.  My dear Christa is due three weeks before the wedding!  Praying baby girl comes when she is ready (and that she might be ready a few days early, hehe).  Can't wait for these two sweet babies to make their appearances.  Love them both so much already.

3.  Three little letters that have been weighing on my mind a lot lately, M-R-S.  These special letters will be permanately attached to my new name on June 18.  I have been reading a lot as of late to wrap my brain around all it means to be a good wife.  I am so thankful for the amazing role models I have through friends and family.  I know it won't always be filled with glitz and glamor or aprons and fresh baked pies (or cakes, Chris doesn't care for pies), but dog gone it, I'm excited.  Mostly, because I know we will be in the same town and under the same roof.  HUGE STEP PEOPLE! 

So here's to 1-2-3, or you might say 123, which is the number of days until our wedding!!!  Hooray for Wedding Day!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have not blogged for over a week now!  Most of this is due in part to the fact that I no longer have Internet at my house (gasp, I know).  I am reverting back to the stone age days in order to save a buck.  My hopes are that the blue house will sell soon, please Lord, and I will then move in with the parentals where Internet will be flowing freely (literately). 

Another reason for not blogging, I can't think of anything to talk about!  There is stuff going on with wedding dazzlement, however I am in secretive mode.  Believe it or not I have made a list of post possibilities for AFTER the wedding where I can talk about things, but I don't really want you to see anything until then.  So, as time goes on, we will see what I decide I would like to show, but boy am I excited!  Things are actually beginning to HAPPEN!  The dreaming state is becoming the cutting, pasting, sewing, thrifting, purchasing state.  Love it!

I will say I am keeping my eye out for something similar to this:
I would love to have an old dresser of some kind or another for the guest sign in post/possible gift table.  However, I do understand this is a big piece for the whopping 2 minutes guests will see it.  A girl can dream though.  I am sure we will come up with something perfect (my vote is a dresser or old table, so if you see one fellow, friendly thrifters, text me).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a thought...

Hey everyone, it's Chris!  I guess this is my first official appearance on the blog as a poster.  You would think with as much as I like talking I would love this cause I don't have to give anyone else their turn, but alas my general lack of typing skills often thwarts any far fetched ideas I may have. 

It is likely far more enjoyable for you to read the creative and fun blogs that my wonderful fiance posts, and coincidentally she is the exact reason I decided the bravely step into the world of blogging (don't anyone hold your breath for the next one though).  It amazes me everyday that I get the privilege of marrying her in less than 5 months.  She is loving, fun, intelligent, self-sacrificing, and one heck of a wedding planner.  She has poured herself into the wedding, and I know because of her hard work it will be an amazing day that we get to share with family and friends.  She has also shown me that anything can be accomplished if you dedicate yourself.  I mean come on, working 40 hours a week or more with wild and crazy 4th graders, then coming home just to leave again and go to masters classes, finally to come home and study some more all while finding time to talk to me on the phone every night.  She might say she is surprised she ever made it through (finished in December, boo yeah!!) but I never have doubted her for a second.  She has always shown me her unconditional trust and love, and I know how blessed I am to have her in my life.

So I hope my first impression here was a good one, I do ask that you don't grammatically dissect my post and leave mean comments below.  I'm rather sensitive and dealing with eyeballs all day doesn't lend itself to much practice in writing.