Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A New Look on Things

I've been in a funk for a few months. An "overly ready for the next chapter to get here, hurry up God, ok I will surrender, but not really because I don't like to give up control" kind of funk.

I know I've blogged about these funks before, but I have found myself in the middle of one again.


Where I'm ready to move so bad it hurts, but ya can't move when your house hasn't sold. Where I just want to open our home up to friends, family and everyone in between, but we are a tad tight on elbow room. Where my desires seem to be pure and good so I just get flustered with God for working on this whole patience and contentment thing that I always struggle with. Point taken big guy, reading you loud and clear. Where I want to be home more, but I know my job is a calling and my clients need me.

Just stuck.

So, today I need a new mindset. I need to refocus and take a step. Because that's what life is, one step at a time. If you run or look too far ahead you become overwhelmed. If you drag and look behind you seem to stop moving all together.

Our tiny home is just that, our home. All 900 square feet of it. I love our little home. It was my first really big kid purchase (well adult purchase, let's be real). I met Chris is this house. He proposed in this house. We brought Henry home to this house. My little blue house might be tight, but it is home for now and I need to make the most of that.

Starting today, this little house and my mind are getting a little face lift. Closets are going to start being cleaned, I might hang a few new pictures or tackle the spray paint projects I've been putting to the side.

I keep thinking things will wait until we move, but right now that is unclear. The perfect buyer could come tomorrow (because our house is pretty cute and lovely). But, God might want us here for a while longer for some unknown reason, and that's ok. Because He always works for the good of those who love Him and I trust the next turn will be great if I walk beside Him rather than in front.

So watch out donation box at Walgreens because purging is under way. Chris, if you are reading this, a honey do list is being made. You ugly black shelves that have been hanging for 5 years, you're about to hit the curb. I'm ready to live in our little home again rather than be frustrated every other day. This is going to be fun!!!

And what post is complete without a cameo appearance from this fellow? We had just pulled into the driveway after being gone all day and I had said we were home. He smiled real big and let out a big sigh. Love that answers to prayer come in the simplest ways.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That Moment

I won't deny it, Henry has never been itty bitty. He was over eight bounds when he was born and has far surpassed all of his friends close to his age. His rolls are irresistible and you can't help but hug his fluff when you hold him.

But, he's still my itty bitty babe.

I was holding him yesterday when he was sleepy and cuddly and happened to walk past a mirror.

Where did my little baby go? I feel like he takes over my whole body when I hold him now. I tell him on frequent occasions that he is too heavy to be held for so long. I will shut my mouth now. The moment came when you realize they grow too fast. When your newborn has long since left you and your infant will be a toddler in no time.

So, the sleepy time cuddle talks and the desire to be held and just walk around exploring won't be rushed little man. I know the day will come when I have to ask you for lovin rather than the other way around.

Now off to have our morning conversation over a bowl of cereal and cup of tea.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Seven Months

From six to seven months FLEW by.  I blame this for my failure to blog your seven month post in a timely manner.  We are on the down hill slope to a year now and I feel like it is going to be very quick.  This makes me sad! 

You are an eating fool now.  You have days where you are not very interested, but when you are, whew!!  It is still difficult to fit this into our schedule at times.  More stuff to pack when we leave, more time to sit and eat, etc.  But, it is fun.  You have had pears, carrots, peas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, bananas, prunes, and oatmeal.  I made a lot of these items and so we will probably stick with them until the freezer clears out a little.

Sitting or standing is your favorite position.  You sit very well now and will pull on my fingers to hold you in a standing position all the time.  This is so cute, but you are not a light weight!  You roll around a lot in your bed, but continue to be frustrated when you are on you stomach on the floor.  Your dad and I are both ready for you to crawl!!! 

You have the best belly laugh and it comes out often.  You love your Aunt Erin's dog, Tilly, and she can get you laughing pretty easily.  We went to Texas right at the end of your six month period and I think it is confirmed that you can say "mama".  Granma said you would say it over and over if you were upset.  Unfortunately, we can't get you to say it when I am around and you are happy!  Stinker.  You make the Ba-Ba-Ba sound a lot and will look so intently when we talk to you.  I think you might be more of a listener like your momma than a talker like your dad.

We took swim lessons over the past two months and you had a love hate relationship with it.  I did too though, the water was cold!!!  It was fun and I hope to do more things like this with friends in the future.  We are so ready for warm weather so we can have play dates with your friends Miles, Evelyn, Bennett, Tess and hopefully Kettie and Lewis.

You are fun as fun can be and we are LOVING this stage.  Stop growing up now, please :)