Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bearer of Rings

I took the time earlier to introduce you to our sweet little flower girl, now it is time to introduce you to our "bearer of rings".  

This little guy has been a huge part of my life for over nine years now.  He made an unexpected entrance into my world and I am forever grateful.  I love him to pieces and as he grows up, it is amazing to see all the characteristics that shape his personality.  He is so smart, extremely sweet and kind, will still cuddle up beside me on the couch during his visits, always wants to make sugar cookies (we have had this tradition for at least 6 years now), and never forgets a thing.  He has a phone now and it totally brightens my day when I get the random "hey" text message or just a bunch of random letters in his little attempt to make me laugh.  Every day my prayers include a thank you to God for bringing Jack into my life, quickly followed by my thankfulness for his mom and dad.  They are one in a million and I can never thank them enough.

Jack will be walking my mom down the isle and handing over the rings when the time comes.  I might just tear up a little bit, he just does that to me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm so dizzy my head is spinning...  (I love that song).  Anywho, that's how I am feeling right about now.  I think it was at the three months til wedding mark last week that I began to feel all out of sorts.  We have all of the big things done, they have been for a long while.  So, I have been sitting on plans and blog pictures and lists and ideas for oh, I'd say at least 5 months now.  And now, it is time.  Time to put things into action.  Time to actually start checking things off of the list...  and I'm dizzy.

I know it will all get done, it always does.  I just don't want it to all be done in May or June.  Also, since we are staying in my (cough, cough, I mean our) house, I am fixated on getting things fixed up and prettified before I must live with a boy.  So, in the past week here is what I have done:
  • cut bunting (thanks Nicole)
  • sweet Jenny finished my invitations so they are being proofed currently
  • looked at EVERY (not really but felt that way) furniture store in Springfield for a bedroom set
  • found the bedroom set we adore on Craigslist, people were asking too much
  • woke up at 3 one morning waiting for an email from the Craigslist lady, got an email, called, not willing to come down in price
  • bought fabric for drapes for the living room, pictured below
  • picked out paint for the living room
  • tried to pick out paint for the bathroom
  • cleaned out my closets (garage sale next weekend at mom's)
  • threw away toaster, YAY!
  • bought a few secret items for the reception, hehehehe
  • got two pretty frames (one pictured below)
Here is one of the frames.  I plan to take out the pretty picture (it's up for grabs by the way), put in a chalk board (grandpa project) and paint the frame.  Yes, Danavee, a gold frame shall be spray painted.  I won't ask you to be in attendance at the massacre. 

I am trying to decide on color.  We plan to place this in our white hallway after the wedding.  Therefore I need a color, or I could do white for the wedding and then a color after.  Hmmmm....  I was thinking purple or orange, any other suggestions?

Ok, I must put my dizzy brain to work now on other things.  Twelve and a half weeks until wedding.  I hope to not turn into a goosefish.  Yes, a goosefish.  My kids and I learned about them today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Good Outlook

My mother informed me yesterday that she looked over the weather for June 18 over the past 10 years via the Farmers Almanac.  It only rained 3 out of the 10 and it was never over 90 degrees.  Still praying for no rain (or the tent will be REALLY crowded).  Oh how I hope the outlook for 2011 is gorgeous...  I intend on going to Barnes and Nobel this weekend and curling up with this:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Henry Shower

Over this past weekend, I rode up to Centralia and met up with Chris so we could celebrate his grandmother's 85th birthday.  His Grandma and Grandpa Henry are as sweet as pie and it is always fun to visit them because it usually includes seeing the entire Henry clan.  Sara, Chris' mother, grew up with four siblings.  All five of them have large families and Sara is the only Henry currently without grandchildren (someday Sara, someday).  So, there are LOTS of kids running around and lots of adults conversing during these gatherings.  Chris always jokes that we have to meet at the church to eat because that is the only place which will hold us all.

Not only were we able to celebrate Annabel Henry's birthday, they threw us a little shower.  It was very thoughtful of them and we were able to receive more items for our home.  Two of the items we received were games.  Those Boschens love their games and we are quickly creating quite the collection.  Another blessing was a toaster.  You might be laughing or giving me the "pshhh, a toaster?" look, but seriously if you had to use my toaster, you would be calling me with congratulations.  Yes, I know toasters are cheap, but even though I had to use a towel to get the lever to go down and Chris split his thumb open once in in the process, it worked and if it ain't broke I don't fix it.  (hence the microwave which only has two working buttons)

Anyways... The shower was great, our pile of gifts is growing, and I am SO ready to spring clean and put things away.

Work Shower

This past Tuesday (3/8) my delightful coworkers pitched in and threw me my very first ever shower.  I was very pleased to share this day with another coworker who is expecting in the next few weeks.  Sharing attention makes me happy in situations like this (maybe not so much at home, but here it was welcomed).  Danavee was thoughtful and made cute bunting for our gift tables, Julie ordered a delicious cake, Whit dresses all cute like and made sure the punch was flowing, and I got to open some presents.  Even though everything we received was from our registry, it is totally different when you open it and realize, "Hey, I was smitten with this in the store and now I actually get to bring it home!!!"  

We are currently coming up with bakery names, seeing as how we received three cake stands (one of them can be used in six different ways so on some days at the bakery, we might just surprise you), Chris gets to learn how to use a wok, our salads will be served in a beautiful wooden bowl, our water will be purified, I have a whisk to mix my cakes, some towels for our bathroom, a big, white serving bowl for something delicious, a slow cooker to learn how to use, and I hope I am not missing anything...  Needless to say, we are also brainstorming kitchen storage ideas.

All in all, I felt pretty loved after my very first ever shower.  It was loverly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Big Reveal...

That was what was placed in all caps for Friday, March 4 on my calendar.  Other than being my wonderful Amster's birthday, Friday was matching day for residencies.  Basically, I have been on pins and needles since last May knowing that Chris desired to apply for a residency and that meant we were playing a waiting game.  If you know me, you know I hate to wait.  I like immediate answers and if I don't get them, I find a way to get them, or I freak out.  So, needless to say the past 10 months have been a humbling experience.  Through it all I learned that really I have no control over anything and when it boils down to it, that is best.  He knew what He was doing when He put Chris and I together, and about four months ago I finally allowed Him to sit in the drivers seat.  I have thoroughly enjoyed how He has navigated our ride since then.

Chris applied for and interviewed with three different residencies since Christmas time.  After each interview we would sit and chat about what were his likes and dislikes and then we came to an agreement and he submitted his matches.  We were fully at peace with the choices.  Two of them required us to pack our bags and move, one of them allowed us to stay and nest.  We had friends praying for all kinds of things, but ultimately we knew they were behind us no matter what, including our families. 

During a delicious meal at Five Guys on this past Saturday evening, I was chatting away with my mother while Chris was frantically messing with his phone (his phone stinks).  I ignored it, convincing myself he was checking ESPN or his twitter account where he strictly follows sport figures and Jackson Talburt.  However, he looked at me and asked me to take a guess of where we were matched.  Tears filled my eyes as he revealed to me he will be working at the Mount Vernon VA next year. 

While a part of me was ready to pack up and leave, I know this is all part of a perfect plan.  We have a wonderful support system set in place in Springfield; a church home, both of our parents, his high school friends, my sweet coworkers and lovely ladies...  We also have a house that we can nest in TOGETHER (we already have a to do list).  I am excited, I am happy, and I am totally content. 

Now that this is all taken care of, we've got bigger fish to fry.  Less than 99 days until wedding day.  Invitations are being designed, tent decorations are in the works, showers are occurring...  life is grand.

Monday, March 7, 2011


When it comes to decorations for our wedding, my goal was to be simplistic and practical.  I hope to use items which can be revamped and used in our home or can simply be thrown away without too much pain about the cost going in the trash.  I say this because I am sure my mother would appreciate not havng a closet full of wedding decorations wih no clue what to do with them. Therefore, we have been hitting up flea markets and antique shops for several cute details for the wedding.  I won't go into detail about what we have gotten, simply because I would like guest to walk in and enjoy what they see rather than already knowing every aspect of the wedding.  But, it will be loverly!!

I have hit a wall with a few items though and am hoping to have a little help from my friends in locating these items.  If you are out and about at a flea market and find a large rectangular and/or oval frame that are ornate, holla back at me.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Little Guy

There's a new little guy in town.  Well not really in MY town, but in A town.  Anyways...  My sister and brother-in-law welcomed little Benaiah (Ben) Wayne Parrish to the world on Monday, February 28.  I am so excited for the two of them, as well as my little niece Kharis.  I am flying out to visit and help over my spring break. 

All of the pictures of the litlte guy by himself are on my phone and I am not able to get onto the computer, boo.  Believe me, he is a cutie.