Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Johnny Jump Up, getting stuck on your belly, trying cereal, and your first ear infection. You make life interesting bud. 


You celebrated your first Halloween as a football for your football player brother. Not the most original idea, but we've been surviving this month. You also are an expert roller now!  


Your smile has returned, however sleep has not, ha. Regardless, you enjoyed your first fall fest and were a big hit. Hard to imagine that next year you will be running around, screaming I'm sure. 


The stomach bag has hit our house and you it hit you the worse. A throwing up babe is no fun. Sleepless nights, lots of cuddles, and lots of prayers. You will always keep us on our toes. 


Oh my, you are beautiful. You laugh, you smile, you are just a sweet babe. You are starting to attempt to roll and Henry loves to cheer you on (aka push you over). It is a delight to watch you grow!