Friday, October 7, 2011

Ummm, Hello, My Name is Ashley

I have been asked three times this week alone why I have stopped blogging.  My response is always the same, my life is so not interesting right now.  This lady has been pretty monotonous lately.  But, alas, I will do my best to get back on the blogging wagon.  I think my biggest hindrance is the fact that I take no pictures anymore.  My phone has a pretty good camera on it, but it is a pain in the rear to email myself pics, save them on the computer, then upload them to the el bloggo.  I have misplaced my actual camera, perhaps I should locate that today.  So, forgive me for a pictureless post (again), but here is an update on this Boschen's life as of late:

  • Work is picking up and becoming more consistent.  I am not sure I will ever get used to my schedule.  My friend Natalie who works from like 2am to 11am (not to mention her husband gets home from work about the time she is headed to bed) put is perfectly in an email to me however.  We have this "idea" of how we would like our day to day marriage to be and when work forces it to be different, it will always be hard to adjust.
  • I got to see two of my favorite people for lunch the other day, Natalie and Haley.  Don't get to see them near enough, but always delightful when I do.
  • Due to my work schedule, Chris has picked up the job of cooking.  He does pretty darn well with this.  
  • We are becoming more and more aware that we will be replacing one or both cars in the not so distant future.  Praying they last until June or July at least.  Car troubles are the pits, the pits I tell ya.
  • We have three weddings to attend over the next month.  All of which are optometry folk and we are so excited to catch up with everyone.
  • I miss my teacher friends (notice I didn't say I missed teaching).
  • My home does not have a mum or pumpkin in or around its vicinity, this makes me sad.
  • I made an MU yarn wreath and listen to Chris talk about MU going to the SEC almost nightly.
  • The Cardinals play tonight, hope they win.  When the season is over, talk will switch to what will happen to Albert and if they will fire the manager.  Right now I am enjoying the yelling at the TV, much more entertaining for me.
  • Enjoying feeling more connected with my church people.
  • Chris made the praise team at church, that will be fun to watch.
  • First Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple are quickly approaching.  
  • We have a white Christmas tree that I look at daily in the garage with great anticipation of decorating.  The possibility of putting it up while Chris is at work has crossed my mind on numerous occasions.  That would be hil-ar-i-ous.
Thank you for allowing me to share the randomness and boringness that is our life right now. I promise (ok so maybe my fingers are crossed right now) that I will check in again sooner than later.  You might just get real lucky with a picture or two.  


  1. YAH! So glad you blogged. It was good to see you too.
    I believe Christmas trees at the end of October are perfectly acceptable. Just put it in a place where trick or treaters can't find it.

  2. Good job Chris! And SEC... fine with me. At least we'd get to watch them play when they play UT.