Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Baby Shower

A little over a year ago I was writing about my wonderful wedding showers, now I get to post about baby showers.  God's timing is funny at times.  

About a month ago (I know, way behind on the blog front), my amazing sister planned and threw me a beautiful shower.  She had help from my mom, sweet friend Danavee, mother in law, and Grandma Arnold helped with the food.  I have mentioned that my sister starting thinking about my shower from the time I announced I was pregnant, if you attended I am sure the details proved this fact.  

It was perfect.

She found several cute children's books and had a bed time story themed shower.  SO CUTE!  Each book had a coordinating food and there was quite the spread.  I received my pack in play which was all set up and gifts were placed inside, my mom made some cute mobiles which were hung, the table had a pillow and sheet like a bed, a chalkboard was hung on the front door saying, "Shhhhh", I opened my gifts from a rocking chair, it was just amazing.  Several family and friends came and Henry was spoiled rotten.  

Here are a few pictures of the shower (thank you Tammi for taking these).  I wish I would have thought to have gotten some more prior to everyone getting there and I am so sad I didn't get a picture with my sister and mom.  Take my word for it though, cutest baby shower!!!

My cute niece Kharis added the mouth to the fruit baby all on her own.

Delicious cake!!  We have a large piece frozen to eat once Henry comes home.

The glass, vintage baby bottles were a huge hit.

Kharis was a big help opening all of the gifts.

  Thanks Katie!!!!


  1. Very cute shower!!! So detailed. Loved how the pack and play was filled with gifts!

  2. Looks like it turned out great! Glad I got to finally see some pictures!! SO wish I could have been there!!!!