Thursday, May 16, 2013

8 Months

In my defense, I wrote this over three weeks ago and just haven't sat down to put the pictures on.  I have GOT to be better about getting pictures off of the camera and doing something with them.  

I am a little behind on your 8 month post... What else is new? I am in love with this age. I wish that I could freeze time and keep you this size and sweetness for forever.

You are a rolling fool and have started to rock on your hands and knees. You push yourself backwards easily and have been known to trap yourself under furniture. Silly boy.

Our favorite thing as of late is to lay on the gray bed for "cool down" time before nap time. This used to be our time to read books and cuddle, but is now your time to roll around and let out some giggles. Love it!!!

On your 8 month birthday you learned how to sit up from laying on your belly. This will be interesting I'm sure.

I love to see you learn new things every day. Whether it is a new sound that you repeat over and over, a new dance move, or just something in the house that you've never noticed. Watching those little wheels turn is precious and priceless.

You continue to be a great babe and even though we might have a rough nap day or you might fight to go down some nights, I am reminded it is typically just a phase and is short lived. You are dreamy and I am spoiled.

You love your momma and I am smitten with you. When I come home from work your smile is amazing and you wiggle and squirm until you're in my arms. You have the best baby fluff and I could snuggle with you for hours. I hope you continue to be a snuggle bug as you grow, not ready to give that up.

This mom gig is clicking more and more every day and I love it. So glad you were placed into our lives.

As seen in the pictures you roll constantly and are on the move.  Might have to get more creative on taking your pictures in the upcoming months.

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