Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What a Month!

June has been a cra-cra month you all. 

CRA to the ZY!!!

We have been go go go the majority of the month. From family visiting, weddings, get aways, garage sales, and a whole other slew of things I can't even recall because I'm over it. 

Over it I say!

I'm ready for June to be done. 

We've got a handful of days left in the month and I am dreading them the most. Particularly Friday when I will be making a trip up to KC to pick up my great grandparents' piano. Why I am I so sentimental about some things?  Seriously!  Why couldn't I have latched on to say my Pa's old marble collection or Granny's kitchen chair. Nope. The piano. My uncle has been kindly storing it for several years and now the time has come to retrieve it. (Don't even get me started on how we will be putting it back into storage because our house continues to sit on the market. Grrrr) 

Today was the icing on the cake. I pray my husband doesn't glance at the blog. 

Some good friends are headed out to get and see their babes from Ethiopia and so we were all gathering at Panera to celebrate the birthday of the daughter of one friend before they take off.  Henry had decided 6 was a great time to wake up this morning (I can't really complain here. He typically sleeps until 8. But rarely does he wake up crying and that was the case today). After some cuddle time, he was quiet enough for Chris and I to get ready. 

Henry and I headed to Target to pick up a gift and all was well (minus him chewing on the cart. Whatever).  We were towards the food section of the store when one wheel decided to stop turning. Rather than looking like a fool and carrying a 22 pound babe and an armload of items to the front of the store I decided it would be brilliant to lift the handle up and wheel the cart on the front two wheels the remainder of the way. Seriously? Not only did I look ridiculous I'm sure, but my arms are burnnnniinnngggg!!! 

I gathered myself and headed to Panera. All was well. Gifts were opened. 510 calorie breakfast sandwich was eaten (and perhaps half of a pumpkin muffin. And coffee. Don't hate).  And then nap time crept up and my son lost it. Not too bad, but my arms were burning and holding a wiggling giant child was not helping. 

So, I gave hugs to my friends. One who is going to pick up her little girl, the other who is meeting her son for the first time (get me a tissue, I can't even handle it) and started to look for my keys. Child still wiggling. Frantically looking through all the diapers (why did I take 12 diapers for a morning outing) I could not find them.  I told another friend I would probably be back in and she might be driving me to my husband's office because I wouldn't doubt if I locked my keys in the car. That's the kind of month it has been. 

Go out to the car.  Doors are unlocked. Radio is on. Keys are in the ignition. 

What the frick?! 

Praise Jesus I live in Springfield. 

Praise Jesus it is June 26th. 

And most of all praise Jesus that I get to meet/see two precious Ethiopians very soon. 

Yup, that sums it up son. 


  1. Oh no, hate those days. But stay stong...they are few and far between! What time where you in Target? I was there around 11!

  2. Oh my word. I had knots in my stomach just reading the key ordeal.

  3. I had to read this tonight. I got a small laugh from your Target experience! :)