Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was ALL about picking out a cake lady for our big day.  I could eat wedding cake every day of the year and be oh so happy.  I quickly contacted two of my fine friends who I have held onto the memory of the taste of their wedding cakes.  Both of them used the same cake lady, so I took it as a green light to book her!  Our cake (actually cakes, we have six of them) will be made by the wonderful Sonja from Celebrations by Sonja

Her work is as delicious as it is beautiful.  I was so sad when I went to my appointment with her, however.  I had promised Chris we would go together for the whole trying out wedding cake experience, so we are holding off until November when he is in town and we can pick out some flavors then.  This didn't stop me from sitting down with her and sketching out my ideas and I must say, our cake table will be perfect.  I have begged my mom to purchase more than is needed because I want left overs, so we shall see.  The great thing is, Sonja throws in your cake topper for free so you are sure to have your dessert for your one year anniversary.  Just writing this post makes me want to convince Chris to order a cake for no good reason at all before our wedding, just because I love it that much.


  1. I love wedding cake too! Dan and I had a really good one and the cake was just as good a year later. Wrap it up good and put it in a deep freeze and it will be wonderful! We had to store ours at my parents because mom said a deep freeze works better than a fridge freezer.....something to keep in mind! Can't wait to have a piece!

  2. Get a cake beforehand. Do it!!