Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Within the past five years or so, when people I actually knew were getting hitched, one of the first questions after the engagement always seemed to be, "Who will photograph the wedding?"  Technically, my first project was to tackle was the venue, but only because I had a good idea of who would be our photographer, it was just a matter of booking.  I became familiar with Sarah Carter's work via some friends at work who were having their family shots done by her and my friend Danavee had her wedding shot by Sarah.  After showing her web site to Chris, my parents, and Chris' parents I had the go ahead and we had her booked!

We were fortunate enough to have our engagement pictures taken by Sarah and she did not disappoint.  It was great to become comfortable with how she worked.  While she banters back and forth with Whitney, Danavee, and myself via facebook, when it comes to picture time, she means business.  You could see her constantly looking around for perfect lighting and placement, trying new things, catching shots of us while we were just being casual, it was fun. 

I am very excited to see our photos from our wedding already.  If you are looking for a great photographer for your family, wedding, or if you just feel the need to see yourself on paper, I highly recommend Sarah Carter.


  1. Who's this photographer? She's cute.

  2. Sarah DOES rock! These photos will be amazing, no doubt!!!