Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have been out of ideas as far as what to write about on here.  Today marks two months since our blissful wedding day.  I walked into the kitchen this morning to find a new pair of Toms sitting on the table with a cute note attached.  He's so sweet.  With my new job I get to be more casual in my attire and these will be perfect for fall and winter months.  Way to go Chris!

This week has really been my first week to dive into my new work scene.  I am at the half way point in regards to number of clients, but am thankful for how quickly things have moved along.  Yesterday I had my first "full day" with five clients.  I went along with a coworker to the clients I will be taking over for her next week (she's having a baby).  So, my day looked pretty much like this:

8:30-10:30ish: Supervision
10:30-12:00: Went home and folded laundry, did dishes, talked to my sister, set out dinner stuff, and did some paperwork.
12:00-5:00: Client time

I was home by 5:30, had a conversation with Amy while making waffles for dinner, and the rest of the evening Chris and I watched TV and went for a jog.  

The hours are still foreign to me.  With school starting up I will be working more into the evening (my goal is to be done with clients by 6:30 with maybe one later night a week).  Chris has been sweet to continually say he will step up and cook more dinner time meals.  I am working on forcing myself out of bed by 7 in the morning just so I can do housework and any leftover paperwork prior to my day beginning.  But, overall, things are going pretty smoothly.

Just a little update into our world right now.  Nothing overly humorous or exciting is going on.  No pictures to add really.  I'm alright with that though =) 


  1. That was really sweet, Chris! Just a matter of time and this will be your new normal. :)

  2. Good job, Chris! I've been wanting Tom's forever! Enjoy!