Friday, November 4, 2011

The Good Dr. Boschen

I have the tendency to brag about my sweet husband.  Excuse me, but I highly think that is appropriate and healthy and so yeah, this is a bragging post (fair warning).  

We have been busy, Busy, BUSY over the past several weeks, add stressful day to day stuff to it and life gets the best of you.  The last date we attempted to go on was caught off guard by a car who decided not to start.  This resulted in Chris' dad and Gramps coming to our rescue, getting a battery late in the evening, and a wife who just wanted to go home and forget the day ever happened.  (this en devour later resulted in an alternator being replaced, thank goodness for warranties)  This maddening date occurred well over a month ago.

This weekend we had it on the schedule to head up to KC for a baby shower for a dear friend, but after taking a closer glance at upcoming weekends, decided to stay home.  (Don't worry, we have the blessings from the pregnant mom that it's ok.  And Jenny, we promise to bring lots of diapers when we come see the babes)

I've been so caught up in the week's agenda I haven't really given much thought to the weekend.  However, my husband has.  I received this sweet email this morning:

Itinerary: Mrs. Ashley Boschen
Dates: 11/4/11 - 11/5/11
Travel Companion(s): The Dr. Christopher Boschen
1st Destination
To begin your "stay-cation" you will partake in a delicacy within the world of fine cuisine.  The small eclectic island of Japan lies shrouded in ancient mystery and lore and is responsible for the mouth-watering sushi dishes enjoyed worldwide.  For dinner, your taste buds will embark on a wild exotic adventure that will leave your hunger satisfied, but at the same time longing for more.
2nd Destination
The United States neighbor to it's south often evokes thoughts of drugs, poverty, and Co-Ed spring breaks.  In light of this reputation it has blessed the world with a simple and wonderful game...UNO!!  It's name fits it's simplicity and goal, but hidden beneath it's calm exterior lies a cut-throat game that begs to be played over and over.
3rd Destination
One sweet and tasty treat traces it's roots back to ancient Rome and Egypt.  Say the word...and you will instantly find yourself walking along narrow stone roads past a corner cafe, or past the Medici court in Florence.  So what is the word we are looking for... you're darn right, the word is GELATO and you (we) are getting some!!
4th Destination
Each year the film industries biggest names descend on the French Riviera and flock to a small town named Cannes.  The festivals guests are then given preview to highly acclaimed films of all genres for their viewing delights.  You have been given an all access pass to frolic with Hollywoods elite along the French shore and to escape in to a world or imagination.  As a side note, the Dr. mentioned he wanted to see Bridesmaids again and I highly recommend it for it's quick wit and funny dialogue
1st Destination
After a morning of leisure and relaxation the days activities will commence.  You will find yourself in a shoppers paradise at just the right time with the holiday season fast approaching.  Picture yourself walking along Michigan Avenue.  A brisk breeze causes you to wrap your coat a little tighter around you and to pull your shopping companion in close.  The buildings rise sharply to either side of the road that is flooded with patrons of all ages, sizes, and shapes.  Take your time, enjoy the season and make a great day of it!! 

How fun is he?!  Once again I am blown away by how lucky I am. 


  1. Good job! That is SO creative. Have a blast this weekend.

  2. Aw! Wonderful! Sounds like tons of fun!