Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh My

Out of pure boredness this morning, I looked through some of Chris' old pics on his computer.  Granted, the boy doesn't have many, but I stumbled upon this one.  This was taken at least two years ago.  Don't we look so young?  Boy time does fly.

Well, it's Thanksgiving week.  Time for turkey, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, family, and officially ringing in the Christmas time goodness. 

My sister will be with me for Thanksgiving this year which means one major thing... Black Friday Shopping.  She is totally having a Monica moment and has her plan of action mapped out and ready to go.  I am along for the ride.  However...  I did mention to the good Dr. if I found a good deal on a camera, I might be inclined to grab it out of sheer adrenaline.  After all, I whole heartily believe this particular purchase would greatly improve my blogging. 

Happy Thanksgiving all you fine folk! 

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