Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Overload

I haven't posted about baby since week 25...  I am now at week 31.  Yeah, sorry bout that.

Things have been hectic around here and while I will post about all that jazz in another all by itself post (because most of it is exciting), priorities have shifted over the past few weeks as well.  I try to not be at the computer very often.  I treasure my times where I can keep my nose in a book, go on a walk, go for lunch with a friend, and mostly spend time with Chris.  I think I have 5 posts that I never published over the past few weeks?  Just didn't seem important enough.  But, dear Jenny called me out and I shall deliver, ha!

Here are some pics through the past weeks.  Before I expose though, what is your FAVORITE makeup?  I thought I hit the motherload with the last kind I tried, but in pictures it looks terrible.  I know my hair is a crazy mess as well.  I go in this week to remedy that.  While I don't think my hair has grown fast, it has taken on a mind of its own during this pregnancy.  Not to mention the fact I hate blow drying my hair, hate.  

Enough with the vanity, here are some pics.

Week 26

Week 27

Week 28

Week 29

Week 30

Week 31
 A few more observations after seeing these pics... Chris needs to make sure my eyes aren't all weird before dismissing me from the door, I really like my navy tank right now, and my bangs need a good cut.

Anywho, back to Henry...

In the past several weeks the little man has mastered having hiccups.  The child hiccups all of the time.  One of my nurses says she feels it helps his diaphragm and vocal cords develop, another sign that I am in fact carrying a Boschen (they are a loud bunch).  He also can move so hard that a few things have been moved off of the belly (books, Jasper has been annoyed a time or two, etc.).  He can put on quite the show in the evening of rolls and jabs.  He is a strong guy.

At 28 weeks I had the wonderful gestational diabetes test... I failed by 6 points.  So, I had to endure the three hour test the following week.  They take four readings total, if you fail in two or more you are diagnosed.  I failed by one point in one reading and I think 15 in another.  So, I received a phone call the day before 29 weeks informing me I did in fact have gestational diabetes.  I won't bore you with the drama, aka melt down, that took place after that phone call.  However, what this means is I am now on a fairly strict diet (good bye most carbs) for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I also get to see a specialist now along with my regular doctor appointments.  While this freaks me out and honestly angers me at times (I feel like I've done something wrong, even though there is nothing that can prevent it), all is well.  I have a wonderful doctor who is very level headed (he doesn't fill my head with fear and anxiety that something will be wrong, but rather ensures me that all will be fine and Henry is healthy).  My specialist is extremely conservative and doesn't fret too much either.  PLUS I have a live in doctor who, even though he is an eye doctor, is pretty encouraging and knows we are doing everything we are being told to do and trusts that we are fine (helps to have someone who really isn't a fan of WebMD and looking up every possible bad thing that could happen by your side).  

As an up side to all of this I have ultrasounds much more frequently and was able to see the little guy at 30 weeks.  He is weighing in at a very healthy 3 pounds 14 ounces and while he is measuring a tad bigger than what is "normal" to me I think that sounds pretty darn good.  We will get to see him again at 34 weeks and I think every week after that.  If I get any good pictures, I will be sure to post them.  They were pretty blurry this last time.

The sweet residents who work with Chris at the VA down in Arkansas threw Henry boy a surprise shower this past week.  When he texted me I giggled and got a little misty eyed.  Chris got to be showered with some baby gifts for his little man and I bet it was a pretty sweet sight to see.  

Next Saturday is my family/friend shower at my mom's house.  My sister will fly in on Sunday and I am anxious to see what she has planned out for this event.  She has been excited for this shower since we announced we were expecting, crazy that it is already here.

We have kind of held off on Henry's room for now until we at least get through next weekend's shower.  I still hope to complete my to do list by mid to end of July, just waiting to see what all we get.  

So, there you have it.  We are all healthy and anxious for the next nine weeks to FLY by.  

I joked with Chris the other night that neither one of us have been hit by the "oh crap we are going to be parents and a little baby is going to actually LIVE IN OUR HOME" bug, but that's ok.  I don't see a panic attack anywhere in the near future.  I'll be sure to let you know, that would be pretty comical.


  1. Cute! He's going to be here so soon! Good luck with your hair! Mine grew in darker and I still have this weird band of dark around the ends. I lost my waves too... so sad. I'm hoping that now that I'm finished nursing it will come back, fingers crossed!
    I hate blow drying my hair, too! I refuse to do it!
    Onto the make-up, I like Bare Minerals and I use Clinique (?) Bronzer.

    Best of luck with the little boy! I can't wait to see pictures! I love keeping up with your blog

  2. You look so cute!! Don't care how you feel you look. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the pics. A-dor-a-ble! Can't wait to feel the little guy kick. Glad he's getting his workouts in there. He's gonna need lots of strength to protect himself against Kharis and Benny.

  3. The pictures are so cute! Glad you found some turquoise shorts! They look great. And my hair did funky stuff too ( darkened, got this weird frizzy spot in my bangs). Mine also got crazy dry and I switched to the Wen hair system, which did wonders! And don't sweat the diet stuff, sounds like you are just eating like the rest of us should!
    I miss those hiccups and baby kicks. Ava did a lot of both, and still does! She gets the hiccups a few times a day and gets pretty squirmy compared to some of our friends babies. So look forward to that! :p Can't wait for him to'll be here before you know it!

  4. Are you seeing Dr Dix? I just got released from her. While have more appointments is annoying it is fun to have so many more ultrasounds!! I love that I have a million pictures of Olivia.