Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some More Fun News

I shared this information over a week ago on twitter, but most of my twitter peeps are church folk so I thought it would be time to share it on other social media avenues.

If you recall, my husband Chris has been working at a local VA for his residency this past year.  The experience has allowed him to grow more as a doctor, learn more, and provide a year for me of wondering what's the next step for our growing family.  Back in January we started to pray seriously about what that next step would be.  I knew it was still very early for him to have a job lined up (his residency ends next Friday so at the time, a good 5-6 months to go), but I am a bigger picture person and wanted to start discussing our options.  

The months flew by and before we knew it, April had arrived.  The job seeking had begun, but nothing was promising.  I of course became anxious, Chris was cool as a cucumber.  In May Chris was contacted by two potential jobs for interviews and spoke with both in a week's time.  I laugh about this because the week prior Chris had started searching for options in other towns (Kansas City and St. Louis, I think he even spoke with the school in OK?).  It was my way of knowing God was saying, hold on a minute, Springfield is where you are supposed to be.

After a few late nights for me of over analyzing every angle and Chris being at total peace about his decision, Chris has a new job which will begin July 2nd!!!!  

Chris will be the new doc at Sunshine Eye Clinic.  From very early on in our relationship we discussed long term goals for ourselves as individuals.  I remember him specifically speaking about how much he desired to be in a private practice.  The freedom and opportunities that could come from it and he mentioned Sunshine specifically.  A few years down the road, this desire has become a reality.  

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Still a work in progress of learning how to "Delight myself in the Lord", but this step in life has been a huge blessing of how He does provide the desires of our heart in His timing and perfect way. 

So, if your eyes are bothering you or if you are in need of an eye exam, be sure to look Chris up.  He's pretty swell in my opinion.  


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  1. Yeah! I'm so happy for him! God is good! Love you guys heaps!!! xx