Monday, September 17, 2012

One Month!

Dear Henry,

Happy one month baby boy!  You have changed like a mad man over this first month, can't fathom how much you will continue to change. Hard to believe an adult size man is in that little body. Your face has gone from a completely round circle to some definition to a circle again :) We can't get enough of it!

We visited the doctor at three weeks where you weighed in at 9lbs 2oz. We don't go back until your two month visit and know that number will be plumped up quite a bit by then. You are a great eater and our times of having to use wash clothes to keep you awake to eat aren't nearly as often.  You eat every three hours during the day with bedtime being at 8:00.  I get you out of bed at 11 for one last feeding and then let you go for as long as you will allow.  You have started to go four hour stretches (knock on wood), we hope this continues and keeps stretching!

You love your play mat and have started to regularly reach and bat at your little friends. You also like to look at yourself in the mirror, you even know you are cute!  Dad is your favorite, in my opinion. You light up when he comes home and could walk around with him bright eyes for what seems like forever. You recognize your momma though, which melts my heart.  You have started to coo more and will mimic the ohhhh face and sound at times.

We read stories often, take tours of the house, fold laundry together, take walks in our stroller, and just hang out during our days.  You enjoy going to your dad's softball games, we've been to church twice, and have frequented both sets of grandparents' houses.  I still have to prep myself to take you out, but I'm getting better... 

We are going through a fussy time right now.  We can't decide if it is a little cold, gas, or reflux.  Time will tell I suppose, you keep us on our toes for sure.

You are a delightful little boy and can't believe a month as already passed!

Look at that face!!!

Who knows what he was upset about here.

Starting to get a little snug in his newborn outfits.

Yup, that is spit up.  That is how our "photo shoot" started.  Awesome.

Impossible to get the active guy to look up.

All boy, that's for sure.

Oh Henry, you are too cute for your own good.


  1. He.Has.Changed.So.Much! It's crazy!! And LOVE the spit up picture. Hope you got a giggle out of that one :p Happy one month birthday little buddy!

  2. I miss you. And you should buy mustard jeans.

  3. Looks so cute! He's long and lean and adorable! I must admit I'm jealous he's doing more than Olivia, she will mimic the tongue sticking out but no coos and no batting at things, hopefully soon. Love your photo shoot pictures!