Friday, September 28, 2012

Returning to Work

Next week I go back to work. Sigh...  Fortunately, due to my line of work and my loving husband who listened to my pleas to be a stay at home mom, my hours are minimal. I will be working three days a week, twelve clients total, and then of course the paperwork (which is never ending). I still have about 250 hours to complete for my license, so it was important to Chris and me that I complete these hours during the time I am allowed.

So, I will be easing back into my client load next week. We are blessed to have a sweet friend watch Henry on Tuesdays, Chris will be able to watch him Wednesdays and my mom and dad volunteered to watch the little guy Thursdays.  I don't start work until four, Chris gets off work on Tuesday and Thursday at 5ish and only works until 12:30 on Wednesday, so it works out.

I still am not ready though. I love being with my little guy. As the days go by, he changes more and more.

More smiles, more coos, more silly faces, more alert time.

I get worried that I will miss something and have to remind myself the likelihood that I will is there, but the likelihood that Chris would catch it if I missed something is likely as well which makes me feel better.

I have already started to read up or have been informed of some of my caseload. Whoa. I want to stay home so bad, but know there are some hurting people out there and know deep, deep down, this is what I am supposed to be doing.

So, prayers appreciated as I start back. I'm praying that I finally learn the art of separating personal life and work life.  That I can find a balance to complete my paperwork when I would rather be doing house work (gasp) or sleeping during Henry's naps.  That this "new mom haze", as I like to call it, will lift soon so that I can give Henry my full attention when I am with him and the same goes for my clients.  That Henry will continue to improve on his nights so we can both be well rested (the kid is doing great).

For today, the laundry will go untouched, I doubt I will put makeup on, and my hair will air dry (which is common, boy do I wish I had curly hair so this wasn't an issue). Henry and I will be playing, chit chatting, and cuddling.

You knew I would include a picture of this sweet face.


  1. Henry is stinkin' adorable. Praying for you as you transition.
    (And I get the hair-air dry thing - oh my - my straight as a board hair is sticking out funky today all b/c I didn't take a few minutes to dry it.)

  2. So cute!! It's SO hard to leave them. But we know this is a moment and SO SOON you can be with him all the time.

  3. Good luck! You are right, going back to work helps clear the "haze" after a bit. You'll do fine, and learn to love that feeling of being off work and returning to your little one at the end of the day!