Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swimming Lessons

My friend filled me in on a great Groupon deal that we both snagged for our little ones.  Eight swimming lessons at our local Y for a great price.  Now, I realize Henry won't be jumping off the high dive or diving for rings anytime soon, but I hope to get him used to the water.  He loves his bath time, so I figured he could be on cloud nine in a pool or freak out.  With Henry, ya never know.

Fortunately, he didn't scream bloody murder.  He wasn't splashing around like a mad man either.  He was Mr. Cuddle during lessons and I was a okay with that!  He unintentionally stuck his head in the water a few times and whimpered a little, but nothing overly dramatic.  I am excited to see how he reacts throughout the next few weeks. 

Chris was able to come and snap some pictures.  Hopefully he will get in the water with us at some point.  My friend Zanna and her little girl Evelyn are taking lessons with us.  It is pretty fun!
Little unsure of the pool.

So nice to have friends with babes the same age to do fun things with!

Henry's preferred spot during lessons.  I didn't mind too much.

Corny smile.  I was freezing!

Seriously mom? 

He loved being on his back, talked the whole time.


  1. Looks like fun! He's so cute!

  2. By the end of your lessons, I predict he will be splashing and squealing like crazy!

  3. Oh I love it! Teaching Parent/Infant lessons was always so fun. My friend Kandis and I have talked about doing this too! I need to sign us up. :) Glad you all are taking this on.