Friday, March 22, 2013


Last week was a week I had been highly anxious about for sometime.  One of Chris' close friends from undergrad popped the question to a fine lady a while back and their wedding date was set for March 16.  Chris was asked to be in the wedding and I immediately went into panic mode about leaving or taking Henry with us.  My loving husband convinced me it would be best for us to leave Henry with the grandparents and enjoy a little time away.  As the time drew near, we compromised a little.  Chris drove down on Wednesday before the wedding in order to enjoy some golfing and guy time.  I flew down on Friday and met up with everyone for the rehearsal, had the day to myself on Saturday until the wedding and we drove home together on Sunday.  Here is a brief synopsis of the long weekend...

Since Chris took the newer car down to Texas, Henry and I were left with the Mustang for a couple of days.  Whewy, a two door car and a car seat are not my idea of fun!  But, I got to look back at this sweet face at stop lights.

We attended a baby shower of a sweet friend on Thursday evening.  I was exhausted by this time and needed to get out of the house a little before the shower.  So, I strapped Henry into his Beco carrier and we headed to TJ Maxx to look around.  He had never faced forward and loved it!! 

No pictures of the rehearsal dinner.  It was delicious though and nice to catch up with Whitney and Ryan.  I could sit and talk to Whitney for hours!! (I'm sure anyone could though) Hilarious, sweet lady!  I ventured out into Dallas afterwards on my own to a hotel for one that evening.  King size bed all to myself!!!  I slept terribly though. 

I was pretty pumped to have a day to myself on Saturday, not gonna lie.  Had full intentions of going to Ikea, HOWEVER all the local guys told me it was an hour drive (Mapquest said 26 minutes, we will never know who was correct).  I opted to stay close rather than driving out to an unknown territory to a place I could really go crazy at.  My fear was I would be sucked into Ikea wonderfulness and seeing as how the house is still on the market and we have no idea where we will be next, house decorative items are really a no go right now.  So, Wirth suggested a fun mall I hit up and boy did I hit it up!!!  The place was huge and so fun!  Wish I had a girlfriend there to enjoy it with, but venturing around with no agenda was nice.

The mall had one of these fine cafes inside.  I've heard so much about this place from friends, I had to stop.  It was scrumptious. 

I had a little time before check in at the second hotel (we stayed at the reception sight the second night together) so I ventured over to Crate and Barrel.  What do you think of this sectional Danavee (in gray of course)?

The wedding was at the SMU chapel.  Beautiful and fast, my idea of a wedding!!!  I think Whitney said it lasted 18 minutes :)  Andrew and Bailey are two of the sweetest people.  I am a blessed gal that Chris has so many great friends from high school, undergrad, and grad school who have welcomed me into their circles.  I love seeing them and it is so fun to see Chris interact with his buddies.  Hate that everyone lives so far apart. 

The reception was at the Adolphus in downtown Dallas.  Fancy, smancy!  It was classy, simple and elegant.  This was the centerpiece at our table.  Lovely!

Yummy grub!  They had an assortment of southern foods; crab cakes, pulled pork, chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese...  I could have had three plates, but I held back.  This gal is a bottomless pit (have you seen my son's thighs?).

The Mizzou gang in the wedding.  Wish I would have gotten a picture of our table. 

This is Patty and Allen.  I went to their wedding with Chris way back when we first started dating.  It was fun to catch up with them and actually talk to this couple whose wedding I crashed (I was a newbie girlfriend back then). 

And of course, I was SOOO excited to get home to this little man.  Remember how I went shopping?  Umm, I bought A SHIRT for myself (and mugs from Anthropologie).  Everything else was for Henry.  I missed him just a little.  Oh, and Jasper was missed too of course. 

I am sure many more weekends away are in our future.  Henry did great and we love that he has grandparents who want to steal him away from time to time.  Before we know it, he will be begging to spend the night at Granma and Papa's or Grammy and Doc's.  


  1. Bahahaha! That sectional isn't TOOOO bad. ;) No seriously. It's not.

    Now I'm hungry. Crab cakes.

  2. My favorite mall! I've always wanted to try that little bakery....but we always end up eating at Maggiano's right beside it. So sad I missed you. We could have had fun on Saturday. ( I just got a mug from that anthro a couple of weekends ago)

  3. I'm so glad you had fun and Henry did well! Traveling and exploring a new town alone can be HARD right?! But sort of exhilerating at the same time. Looks like you had a good weekend. :)

  4. Holy cow lady...when you said you did some shopping for Henry, you WEREN'T KIDDING! HAHA! It was great seeing you guys!

  5. So cute! He looks JUST LIKE YOU in that first pic.