Thursday, July 18, 2013

11 Months

Let's see if I can post your 11 month entry during the week you turned 11 months.  Wouldn't that be an achievement?

I have been sappy all week due to you hitting the 11 month mark.  I don't know if it is how pictures are starting to look little boy like rather than baby like, the fact that we are one month from your first birthday and the planning is actually underway, but I am so sad.  My itty bitty baby isn't so itty bitty anymore.  You don't cry as much when I leave, the cuddle time is minimal (because you are always on the go), and those rolls are slimming down.  Dear Henry, you are growing up too fast.

You are a curious little boy who wanders around the house.  I love taking you to new places and watching you explore.  You are starting to stand on your own, but you don't realize what you are doing yet.  I am totally fine with you not learning to walk yet.  You get around just fine with your bear crawl ways, walking is just another step in the growing up process that I am not ready for.

You continue to be a healthy little eater.  Popsicles are a fun treat that you enjoy.  It is a messy mess, but so stinking cute.  We are sticking around the seven teeth mark.  I see a few more starting to come in, but for now we've got seven.  You have a gap between your two front teeth that is adorable.  I'm crossing my fingers you inherit your father's "perfect bite". 

Your personality is hilarious.  You focus on details and squeal with delight.  You definitely are an observer and it takes you a little while to warm up.  Once you feel comfortable though, watch out!  You give grins out freely and have the cutest little wave.  Everyone loves to hold you because of your fluff, you prefer to be down exploring. 

You can say "dog" pretty clearly and continue to look around for "Jaja" when he isn't in the room.  You mimic syllables which is so fun.  You are definitely more vocal over the past month.  

You are as cute as cute can be and I can't get enough of you!  I give you a million kisses a day because someday I'm sure that will be embarrassing.  Fair warning child, you're still gonna get them. 


  1. Where did our little bity babies go?! Oh well, it can't be stopped and he's a DOLL!! Love him!

  2. He's too cute! Love it ! I can't believe he's almost a year!!!