Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Months

Another very delayed post.  Mom of the year award, thank you so much.  I am terrible about uploading pictures.

I can't believe we are already at month TEN!  You're little personality shines more and more each day, little one. Every night after you go to bed, Chris and I sit and talk about how cute and sweet you are. We are smitten beyond belief.

You have SEVEN teeth now. SEV-EN!  Four on top and three on the bottom. It is so silly to see you giggle with your mouthful of little toothers. You like to bite your momma still.  You think it is hilarious, I however beg to differ. Pureed food is very rare nowadays.  You love table food.  Chicken, veggies, fruit, whatever you can get into those chubby hands and shoveled in your mouth.   

You are everywhere. You have started to cruise a little around the furniture, but crawling is your preferred mode of transportation. You bear crawl on the hard woods to keep those nubby knees protected. 

You are a sweet, happy little fellow. We chit chat through the day. "Dada" is your favorite phrase now. I think you say hi every so often and you say Jaja when you see Jasper. You light up when you see other kiddos. We are very blessed to be surrounded by lots of littles, so we have lots of fun play dates.

You recognize your grandparents now, which they love.  You reach for your grandmas and give lots of smiles to your grandpas.  We are so thankful to live close to them.  They ask to watch you often and it is so fun to see you bond with them.  You will be begging to go to their house before too long. 

We couldn't imagine life without you. It is hard to believe we are starting to plan your first birthday party!

Getting pictures out of you is a full body work out.  You just go go go.  I love it!

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