Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christmas Lights, Mickey D's, and Baby Jesus

The wonderful Katie holding Baby Jesus.
While all of these things appear to be quite random, to Chris and me they bring smiles and butterflies. These words are a brief description of our first date. After conversing for a few weeks via the all mighty facebook and a few face to face interactions, Chris asked me out on a date. I was already smitten, so of course I complied. We bounced back and forth some ideas of what we could do when I finally suggested grabbing some McDonald’s followed by looking at Christmas lights (I know, very romantical). I think he thought I was joking, but after realizing I was being completely honest, a date was set, an outfit was toiled over, and he picked me up for our very first date.

After hitting up some of the local hot spots for Christmas light viewing, we grabbed some McDonald’s and headed back to my house for our gourmet meal followed by some UNO. When the trash talking subsided, neither one of us were ready for the evening to end, so we brainstormed other possibilities for the evening. The idea of practical jokes immediately entered (I mean, why wouldn’t it?). So, we ventured out in hopes to find a lowly wise man that could be captured. After all, they really weren’t there at the birth of Christ. But then, we saw the perfect replacement, no pun intended, for our crime. Baby Jesus was laying there in His manger so we snagged Him and left him on the doormat of our pastor. It was great, we were even mentioned in the sermon the following Sunday.

It was perfect, and looking back, totally reflects who we are. We can be doing the most simplistic, nonextravagant event, but it really doesn’t matter because we truly enjoy each other’s company. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and knew after that first date, Baby Jesus had great plans for us.

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