Friday, August 27, 2010

The Venue

I have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding.  I love all the natural colors, I love the fact that the reception can be blanketed with candles and Christmas lights, I love how you can move around, I just love it.  My mother however, not so much.  I secretly think she dreaded the day of my proposal because it would inevitably bring to reality how much I wanted an outdoor wedding.  I was pleasantly surprised by how she handled it and not once did she try to throw out any alternative location which included roofs and central air.  So, the hunt was on for an outdoor venue as soon as we were engaged. 

I checked out a few locations, but nothing was giving me that "wow" factor.  We are blessed to have several family members and friends so some were too small.  Others didn't fit my mother's checklist (there MUST be a back up if it rains and preferred it to be an already established area, not one that we had to mold from the ground up).  I felt like I contacted every recent bride and asked questions and looked all over the Internet.  One night my mom kindly lured me back to look at a place I dismissed because I felt it was too fancy.  I am going for a simple, laid back wedding and when I first looked at this location, I wasn't too sure about it.  She booked an appointment and asked if I would look at it with an open mind, knowing we could create it to be whatever my heart desired.  Mom always knows best!  From the moment we drove up the drive, my heart was sold and I knew this was where we would say I do. 

For more pictures, search for Tuscan Hill on facebook!

Chris and I will be getting married at Tuscan Hill in Strafford, MO, right outside of Springfield.  It is beautiful.  It encompasses everything I had in mind and we both love it.  Ceremony will be in the front yard, followed by the reception in the back.  This summer, 2010, is the first wedding season of the property, so it is fun to see all the wonderful things the owner is learning and adding to the venue which we will be able to enjoy.  I couldn't be more excited.  I ask now that every one begin praying for no rain on June 18, 2011 (and a cool breeze would be nice as well).  It is going to be a blast!!


  1. I can't wait EITHER! I wish it weren't a full school year away!

  2. Soooo pretty! Not quite a full school year. You've got a few days under your belt at least. :)