Monday, April 1, 2013

Seven Months

From six to seven months FLEW by.  I blame this for my failure to blog your seven month post in a timely manner.  We are on the down hill slope to a year now and I feel like it is going to be very quick.  This makes me sad! 

You are an eating fool now.  You have days where you are not very interested, but when you are, whew!!  It is still difficult to fit this into our schedule at times.  More stuff to pack when we leave, more time to sit and eat, etc.  But, it is fun.  You have had pears, carrots, peas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, bananas, prunes, and oatmeal.  I made a lot of these items and so we will probably stick with them until the freezer clears out a little.

Sitting or standing is your favorite position.  You sit very well now and will pull on my fingers to hold you in a standing position all the time.  This is so cute, but you are not a light weight!  You roll around a lot in your bed, but continue to be frustrated when you are on you stomach on the floor.  Your dad and I are both ready for you to crawl!!! 

You have the best belly laugh and it comes out often.  You love your Aunt Erin's dog, Tilly, and she can get you laughing pretty easily.  We went to Texas right at the end of your six month period and I think it is confirmed that you can say "mama".  Granma said you would say it over and over if you were upset.  Unfortunately, we can't get you to say it when I am around and you are happy!  Stinker.  You make the Ba-Ba-Ba sound a lot and will look so intently when we talk to you.  I think you might be more of a listener like your momma than a talker like your dad.

We took swim lessons over the past two months and you had a love hate relationship with it.  I did too though, the water was cold!!!  It was fun and I hope to do more things like this with friends in the future.  We are so ready for warm weather so we can have play dates with your friends Miles, Evelyn, Bennett, Tess and hopefully Kettie and Lewis.

You are fun as fun can be and we are LOVING this stage.  Stop growing up now, please :)

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  1. Aww I love that sweet smile in the last picture! He's growing up so quickly!