Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Pick Me Up

Last night in my stressful state of packing and cleaning this caught my eye

And I had to stop and smile.  Life is a little crazy right now.  Ten weeks until wedding, graduation in three weeks, my national exam in two, not to mention still traveling to see the fiance and attempting to get the house somewhat in order so we can paint and have it looking nice for our guests in June. (my college chicas are staying with me during the wedding festivities)  I should show a picture of my office, ridunculous.

But my refrigerator made me smile.  A goofy photo booth picture of Chris and I back on my 26th birthday, I do enjoy him oh so much.  Our save the date cards (I need to show those some time) which is a constant reminder that the day is soon coming where I get to see him daily.  Three special wedding shower invitations; church, Zongkers, and family.  I have such an amazing support system and so many sweet people in my life.  A Bible verse to keep me grounded and a cute picture made by Jack.

My sanity is returning, slow but sure.  Everything always gets done, learning to enjoy the process rather than freak out about it. 

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