Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our First Big Purchase

Since Chris and I found out we were staying in Springfield at my current house, the discussion of bedroom furniture quickly came into play.  My bedroom is currently finished.  We could use it as our room, but my pink lamp, pink mirror, and bright blue walls are not very masculine.  Plus Chris doesn't love the fact that you have to jump into my bed.  So, the hunt was on to transform what is now my extra room into our room.

Needless to say, our tastes are pretty different.  I like vintage, bright, airy pieces...
He likes leather headboards, dark wood, and brown... lots and lots of brown (ok so I am taking a little liberty in saying that, he does like color, but I think you get what I mean).  So, I went into the bedroom furniture adventure with two things in mind:
  • I have decorated my entire house how I have wanted it for the past three years and I want him to have a big say in this.  Something that is ours.
  • We both loved a bed display at Restoration Hardware that was very warm and lovely (so I knew I wasn't going to be fighting off bear skin rugs, hunter green, or whatever).
When we started looking, I was pleasantly surprised that we easily fell onto the same page.  And low and behold we came up with something that we BOTH love. 

Not the best picture, but I will take more when it is in its home.

Now, in a dream world I would paint my walls before the bedroom set is delievered in 3-4 weeks.  However, Chris and I just gave the walls a fresh over Christmas break, so he isn't game with that (they are a tan color and I would rather them be a white or even a really light blue or maybe even a green since we are looking at a tan bedding set).   Plus, I have a major exam on the 21st of this month so my efforts need to be drawn towards studying, not painting.  But, we shall see if I get a wild hair over the next few weeks, I'll let you know.


  1. Keep the walls tan. Decorate with colorful pieces that can be removed.

  2. Great choice, Ashley and Chris!

  3. Love it! You can totally fit in a couple hours to paint :)