Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Apologies in advance for a boring, filler in post.  My hopes are to return again to the blog world on Wednesday with lots of fanciful things.  Things have been, well, hmmm, time crunch like as of late.  Lots of things have been occurring both in the wedding world, job world, and just life in general.  Here's a little down low of events as of late:
  • invitations are in and envelopes are being addressed
  • National Counseling Exam is passed and paper work is being filed for supervision
  • living room has been painted
  • bathroom sink has been fixed (thank you fiance)
  • sister and brother-in-law are visiting (along with the cutest niece and nephew)
  • MAP testing is complete
  • countdown to end of school is in full swing
  • two more showers have been thrown, lovely, pictures to come
  • animal calls have been practiced, in case the rain does not stop
  • graduation this weekend
  • family shower on Friday

I am ready for this wedding to happen!  I leave you with a small glimpse into beautifulness.  My future in laws took Chris and I out to the Schaffitzel's on Saturday to see all of the hanging baskets future father in law planted.  Thirty three of them!!  They will be all over the place at the wedding. 
Ours are the lower hanging beauties.


  1. To help you out after the wedding, I have NO problem with taking one of those hanging baskets home. Just so you know.