Monday, April 18, 2011

Shake your Groove Thing

If you have ever met my lovely fiance, you know he loves to sing... a lot... like really loud and all the time.  One thing you might not know about him is he likes to dance, too.  He breaks out his best moves while we are driving, dangerous, but always entertaining nonetheless.  So, it has never been a question of whether we would have dancing at our wedding or not.  Not to mention, several of our friends enjoy to get down.  (shall we be seeing the pancake flipping at the wedding? I think we shall)

We have our DJ booked and now the decision rest upon what shall we have him play.  We are looking for suggestion here peeps.  What are your favorite songs to dance to in front of the mirror?  Lets hear those tunes that you blast while taking a shower in the morning! 


  1. All things Ke$ha or Katy Perry.

    Hahahahaha. Just kidding.


    No really......Thriller, disco, 80's!