Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drasitc Change

So, I, ummm, hate to admit but I failed miserably at the pic a day this past week (and am not off to a great start this week).  Last week and this week are a little chaotic, I'm giving myself a break.

This past weekend I was able to bask in one of the many luxuries of marrying Chris, continuing education.  A while back, Chris told me there was an Heart of America meeting in the loverly town of KC and asked if I would be interested in going if he signed up.  Um, cha.  Two of my best girl pals live there.  Free sleeping quarters and fun times ahead.

The weekend was bliss.  Friday, Jenny and I were able to get out with the twins and eat on the Plaza.  We did hit up H&M, but shopping isn't really doing it for me right now.  In all honesty, it is depressing.  So, when Hudson started getting a tad fussy, I was all about leaving.  I did snag a few pics of the precious twins, Holly and Hudson.  I love these two kiddos.  

They were the perfect lunch dates.

Hudson and Amy's baby, Minnie.

Little Holly, she is a spit fire, but love her!

That evening we all went to a local joint called The Peanut.  Chris loves this place for their wings.  It was a merry mesh of grad school friends for Chris and college friends for me.

On Saturday, Amy took me to the most amazing place to eat for lunch, Longboards.  There is only one in KC, it is in a strip mall, and if you ever have the pleasure of eating there your life will be added to abundantly.  Not kidding, love it, get in your car and GPS it now, but you must take me with you.  That evening, Chris and I met up to eat with some of his friends who I adore at a Mexican restaurant called Ponak's.  Again, another must if in the KC area.

As you can see, food and I are on good terms again and I am able to return to my 3 meals a day routine rather than must have food every 2 hours or someone will get hurt.  

The only two downfalls of the weekend were not having Wirth and Britt there.  I really wish it was more affordable to travel from DC to KC to Utah.  Life would be more pleasant.  Also, I was reprimanded by my husband for taking our brand new camera with us and never using it.  Whops.

Amy and I were texting when I arrived home and she commented on the fact that the weekend was one to go down in the books.  I laughed, because it is really telling when eating at local restaurants, holding two sweet babes, catching up, and being in bed by 11 at the latest is epic.  I wouldn't change it for the world :)


  1. FUN! That sounds like a summer roadtrip!

  2. It was fun! Made me want to have our girls outing that much more ;)

  3. Loved the weekend and I wasnt even there! But so glad you all got to see and spend time together. Thanks for all the texts/phone calls to cheer me up!