Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

I know, I know... Another post with no pictures.  I am almost done with my first week of trying to do "a picture a day" so hold your horses.

I've got other matters to address... food.
According to my sweet, intelligent husband, tomorrow marks the end of crappy food season.  His theory is that from Thanksgiving until the Super Bowl, it is a free for all.  Try as you may to eat well, there are parties, gatherings, and too many interferences of deliciousness.  

So, I don't feel guilty.  
Because according to my husband, whom I love, my longing for french fries, breakfast burritos (from McDonald's, I said it), ice cream, and all that is terrible for me is rightly justified.  After tomorrow, different story.  

So, bring on the little smokies and kittens (a Boschen classic) tonight for the MU/KU game.  The bean dip, sugar cookie bars, and whatever else my friends might throw out there tomorrow for the Super Bowl.  I shall eat guilt free! 

After tomorrow, I'm cracking down.  Salads, oatmeal, smoothies and goodness.  Portion control and hitting the gym.  I shall be healthy!  Just waiting until after tomorrow. :)

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