Monday, February 13, 2012

Social Media Announcement

Most of you who read my blog I am friends with on fb so this is old news.  However, I don't pass up opportunities for blog posts.

Last night Chris and I decided to go public on the social media bandwagon and post our exciting news.  We have known since the Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, might of been Tuesday, but I'm going with Wednesday) before Christmas there was a little bun in the oven, but decided to keep it to ourselves, family, and close friends until the timing was right. So, I will back track over the past seven weeks in the next few posts to fill you in on life's big change. 

The Wednesday morning before Christmas I decided to take a pregnancy test which was given to me by a friend.  I honestly didn't think it would be positive, but wanted to lean on the error of caution (I know TMI, but this blog is for my memory purposes as well).  So, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning after a restless night of sleep to be greeted by two pink lines.  To say the least, I was a little freaked.  I texted my friend bright and early (don't worry, she goes to work at 5:30) who lovingly attempted to acknowledge that yes, I was in fact pregnant after texting her the picture of the test.  

My hope was to keep it a secret from my husband until I took another test the next day and I even considered waiting until Christmas morn to break the news to him.  But, I am a terrible secret keeper.  I ended up telling Chris that morning while he was getting ready for work.  He laughed and said it was probably false (the line was faint).  We both went on with our days thinking it was a fluke and agreed I would take a test the following morning.

Low and behold, different test, same result.  Only this time it was a big old plus sign.  I continued to be in denial and told Chris I was going to go get a fancy nancy digital test because I needed clear and accurate results.  At this point Chris was warmed up to the idea and laughed at me.  My friend who knew about the test, laughed as well, but both played into my madness.  I even called my doctor's head nurse who I know and left a pretty comical message at the office.  Needless to say she didn't call me back, although I'm sure she was rolling.  

The digital test confirmed it and read "Pregnant" loud and clear.  Chris had me call and set up an appointment which was three weeks later, much to my dismay (I was only 5 weeks along, 8 weeks is typical for your first visit, but I felt as if they should get me in that day.  Again, frantic pregnant lady here).  He was elated, I was a mess.  Not sad, just wasn't processing.  We want kids, that's without a question.  Just thought it would be a little further down the road.  

I did end up texting my sister a picture of the stick (she had ignored my phone calls all week, I dare say this got her attention).  She freaked of course and called full of excitement.  This helped me a great deal.  I also texted a few other dear friends to Chris and I in order to make it a little more real for myself.  Chris continued to laugh at me.

After wrestling with whether to share the news with our parents, we both agreed Christmas was a pretty perfect time to do so.  On Christmas Eve we set out and bought a cute pair of Nike shoes for our future babe and wrapped them up.  Christmas morning we visited the Boschen side first and we allowed Erin to open the gift.  The reaction was priceless, I wish I would have video taped it.  

Later in the afternoon, we re-wrapped the shoes and headed to my parents.  We were going to wait until my sister's family arrived later in the week, but she insisted we go ahead (I think more for her sake than our own).  My mom opened the gift and after a moment of confusion (she thought they were for my nephew), both mom and dad jumped for joy.

Over the next few weeks, we sporadically told our family and close friends because we are both terrible secret keepers.  My favorite person to tell was Ann.  I insisted she not tell Jack until we were further along and we felt we were out of the woods.  She teared up and asked if she could tell her sister.  I thought this was hilarious. 

At 8 weeks we had our first appointment.  All looked great and the baby's heart rate was 175!  Strong and healthy.  I went back this past week for our 12 week check up and all continues to look great.  My doctor plans to send me for the big gender reveal ultrasound at 18 weeks, so we now have another fun countdown.  

Baby Bosch at 8 weeks.  Really just a circle, but it was amazing to hear that little hear beat racing.
Most of you already knew of the big news, but I'm excited to have it out in the open.  We are praying all continues to go smoothly.  I have some funny posts of my pregnancy experiences to share over the next few weeks.   In my opinion it has been fairly easy and smooth.  

Thanks for all of the prayers and check-ins over the past few weeks.  Time is crawling for me right now, but that's fine by me.  Chris and I are soaking in our last weeks of just the two of us.  


  1. I love it and I'm so excited for you!
    You guys will make wonderful parents. Let's schedule lunch soon. I know have a babysitter that I'm looking for reasons to use her. That way Hays won't be a little terror =)

  2. No Laughing at yourself. I took a picture of my pregnancy test and emailed it to my best friend because of that second, faint line. After much googling, we learned there aren't really false positives. I love this journey you have embarked on! :)

  3. Faint lines sure are drama queens, huh?! We went through that too.

    Cherish the days where the floor is still easily within reach, look forward to the little kicks and if you want a french fry, eat a french fry!

    Maybe I can crash those lunch plans with Natalie! I'd love to see her belly full of baby as well!

  4. I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Love you and congrats!

  5. So excited you've spilled the beans!! And btw let us set the record straight my dear sis... I was NOT ignoring your calls. There was no such thing going on. I was, however, being a super awesome sister and waiting for a prime talk-time opportunity to return those missed calls. But, note for the future, text me a pic of a pregnancy test and "prime talk-time seeking moment" goes out the window! So excited for you guys!

  6. How exciting! Congratulations! :)