Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 1 Pics

Finally!!!  I'll admit, I've failed on this goal already.  I have not taken a photo a day, more of a glance at a week let's say.  Perhaps once we figure out our fancy new camera I will be more motivated.  Currently is sits staring me down in intimidation.  I really shouldn't be fearful of nonliving things, but I am.  

Currently the days drag by and I reflect on them realizing not a whole lot has been accomplished.  I should work on that.  

Enough complaining and on with the show.  

Here is a glance back at the past week.  

On Tuesday I made some delicious Mac & Cheese and we had some sweet friends over for dinner.  In case you are interested in a heart clogging treat, I would suggest this recipe.  Not the best left over due to the fat resurfacing, but great for a crowd.  
Wednesday I sat in front of our computer all morning and watched National Signing Day.  Yup, my husband was proud.  I screamed out loud when this #1 recruit announced his choice.  Cannot wait to attend games in the fall (we have already lined out three games we hope to go to).
This is a fairly normal daily routine.  If I am home, the hours of 1-3 are Grey's time for the pup and me.  Lifetime runs old episodes and I challenge myself to do not so fun task during commercial time (dusting, sweeping, folding laundry, dishes, etc.)

Chris watching the MU/KU game during the last 3 minutes Saturday evening at his parents.  He handled himself well, only yelled a few times.  

On Friday I used a few gift cards from Christmas to purchase a new purse.  I wound up with the one on the left.  Love it.
Me after Thursday night boot camp.  Love boot camp, just love it.
Our current "special room".  Two of our friends are adopting from Ethiopia and this weekend is the second annual garage sale fundraiser for them, excuse to purge for me!  In the picture it doesn't look half has bad as I envision. (A few of the items are non garage sale items, but are can't find a place for these things so they are going to be tossed on the bed items.)

Had to add one photo from the camera to show we do use it.  And to remind myself I need to wear make up more frequently.

 And there you have it.  Week one of photos.  Not in order.  Sorry.  That is one thing I hate about blogspot, it is a pain in the rear to move pictures around.  Lesson learned, load them in the order you want them to be. 


  1. I love that mirror on your mantel. And that you have a special room now. HAHAHAHA!

    Can't you just drag your pic wherever you want?

  2. Good job, Ash! And cute purse!