Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Praying for Miss Ava

I've got lots of little kiddos on my heart lately. Henry and Jack, of course. Kharis and Benny. Kettie. Lewis. Brody. Brecken. Tess. Evelyn. Bennett. The list could seriously be a mile long. But, this little lady has my heart this week.

My best friend growing up, Casey, had sweet little Ava this past May. Right before my birthday to be exact. Casey and I ran around growing up and I love the fact that we are now in the season of motherhood together. I just told her the other day how neat I think it is that Ava and I have a birthday close together and Casey and Henry aren't too far apart either.

Miss Ava has some spunk to her. She is funny. Chris always loves seeing her because she is busy, busy, busy and always makes him laugh. She is the perfect combo of her mom and dad.

Today, Miss Ava has to go through a major surgery. Casey shares more details about it on her blog, so I won't go into it. But, if you are reading this and think about this sweet little family, send up some prayers. Ava will be just fine, I have complete faith in that. However, the healing process will be just that, a process. And no mom ever wants to see their babe in pain.

I can't wait to get my hands on her again and Henry is begging for a play date. Ready for this week to be defeated by this little spit fire girl! Love you Miss Ava!
(Sorry for the screen shot picture, she's still cute despite my laziness)


  1. Let me know when you hear anything. They have been on my mind all week!

  2. You pray for brody and brecken?! oh, bless you! Can you share Casey's blog so i can read up? if not, no biggie. i was late reading this but i can always pray for recovery!

    1. Of course I do!! Have you seen your two boys and their story? They are awesome :) I linked Casey's blog and the specific link to the background. I published this while laying in bed this morning and forgot the links. Thanks for the prayers!

  3. I will definitely be praying for this little girl and her parents. Niah has/had Craniosynostosis and though we never had to do surgery but we spent every 3 weeks driving an hour or more for dr. appts for 9 months. Had lots of prodding and test done on my very scared little girl. I know the stress and fear it can put on the parents so I do feel for her parents.