Thursday, February 21, 2013

Six Months

Half a year already?! I feel like six months sounds so old... This month has been chopped full of new stuff for you, little man.

You started oatmeal about three weeks ago. After a few attempts, it really was a no go. Since retiring that nastiness you have moved up in the culinary world to bananas, apple sauce, avocados and sweet potatoes. You tolerate the avocados and apple sauce the best and really only eat well in the evening. It has been fun though. My hope is to mix up some carrots and mangos next.

Little man, you are sitting up now! You wobble at times and if you see something you want, a tumble to the carpet doesn't seem to matter. But, you've got it! You have also mastered the fine art of rolling from back to tummy. While conquering this milestone however, you have forgotten once again how to roll from tummy to back. This results in throwing a slight fit while pancaked on the floor.

Splashing in the bathtub is a new favorite past time. You also have the cutest little fake laugh. You are a loud talker, but have quiet times as well. Your favorite book still tends to be the kid Bible books, you will look with such interest at the pictures or roll to your side to watch me read. The Johnny Jump Up has become a life saver.

As mentioned, tummy time is your worst enemy. Evening times are still no fun. It is always a toss up on if you will be in a good mood or not, so we have a list of possible errands to run in the evening which helps. These have included walks around Bass Pro, driving around looking at houses, Target trips, etc.

You're still a great sleeper. We have officially cut out one nap, so you have two, two hour naps and still go to bed at eight.  Most nights once you are down, you are down until we go get you at 8 in the morning.  There have been nights in the last couple of weeks though where you have flipped to your belly, needed a hug, or kicked off you blanket and needed rescuing.  

Your six month appointment went great. You greeted the doctor with a very loud burp and made your presence known by a stinky smell before we left. You had a look of accomplishment on your face as we walked out. You are 18.4 pounds and 26.25 inches long. A big, healthy babe. The doctor said we need to start baby proofing the house. I chuckled a little because I don't see you being mobile for a while.

You are a delightful, cuddly, sweet little boy. We are already so proud of you and I kind of think you have dad wrapped around your finger. :)

Someone was starving for attention.

One sock is typically always off.  Pointless to constantly put it back on.


  1. So cute! Frank used to take Hays to bass pro in the evenings when he would het grumpy...always worked like a charm!

  2. HE IS ADORABLE! Isn't it funny how things like starting baby food can be exciting? HA! Looking forward to seeing you guys in March!

  3. Ahh he's just so cute! Happy half a year little man!!

  4. Avocados! Those are genius! I will have to try them with Erin! Does he like them?