Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Washer oh Washer

Sometimes you've gotta celebrate the little things in life, right?
Having all the dishes done before bed (I will drop to my knees and praise Baby Jesus the day we get a dishwasher).
Not leaving shoes all over the floor.
Henry making it through the day with the same outfit on.
Having a few minutes to blog.
Getting through a work week with no last minute cancellations (this hasn't happened in a long while).
And THEN sometimes you are blessed with big things. Like really, huge, ginormous things. In this case, a working washing machine!!!!!!!
It all started back on December 8 when the thing stopped mid-rinse cycle. Fortunately, we have a home warranty so I got those folks on the phone. Unfortunately, they couldn't get an appointment scheduled for 2 weeks! Two weeks of no laundry is hard for me. I try to do a load a day and a mountain of laundry freaks me out. Thankfully our parents opened their laundry rooms to us and we did I think a total of 9 loads or more.
The day finally came for repairs and not only did the repair guy show up in the last 10 minutes of our allotted time (the whole 12-4 range doesn't thrill me), of course a part has to be ordered. So, he hopes to be back on the 23. Low and behold, they call the day before and say the part won't be there. I beg and plea with them to wait and see, but no go. An appointment date is rescheduled for the 2nd. You can only imagine the rage I felt when I arrived home to have the motor on my doorstep and when I called to inform them, they apologized and said all slots were full. ANGER!!!
The washer finally is fixed and we are good to go for about two weeks I think? Then the thing started smoking one evening. Now this washer is around 15 years old and they put a $400 motor in the sucker. I called them back, the guy came out (4 days later of course), there is another broken part but they don't make it anymore so it will have to be replaced. Why didn't you do that almost two months ago?!
Then a battle started because of miscommunication and laziness to actually call our warranty place (we dealt with Sears the whole time, no sir won't be using them again). We finally got the washer delivered this past Friday. But, since out house is older they couldn't install it. A plumber came out yesterday and we are now in business.
Good grief right!? I even left out some details.
A $75 fee to our warranty folk, a gift card to Sears for $75 because of an enraged phone call made by me (Chris wasn't home and Henry wasn't around so no one was there to witness my customer service call), and $80 to a plumber to drill a hole in the wall and this is what we have...

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  1. We were going to go to Sears for a new dishwasher... maybe I'll rethink this. This house is like brand new now after all the repairs. Anyone wanna buy it?!