Friday, February 1, 2013

This Week

This week has been... Interesting.

We took Henry into the doctor last Thursday because of a cough. Chris figured it would be a good idea to get him in before the weekend just in case something was wrong. I was all, oh it is just a cough he will get over it, but am working on listening to my dear husband more, so we headed in. I hate going to the doctor. Hate. It.

Low and behold they diagnosed little man with bronchitis and put him on breathing treatments. They stink. He never had a fever and took them pretty well, but it is never fun to see your little one with a mask over their face.

The coughing subsided, praise The Lord and we started to cut back some treatments. His sleeping patterns have gone down the crapper and I really think part of it is due to the treatments (and probably some growing and maybe a little bit that he just likes his mom and dad and loves to cuddle). He is a hyper mess at times and the past two nights he will scream bloody murder when you put him into his crib. Ahhhh. So, no more treatments as of today. Praying that helps.

On top of all of the sickness (Chris and I have both been under the weather, too) it has been a battle of contentment as of late. I'm so ready for certain chapters of our life to begin.

To finish up my hours for my license and see what God has in store next. I am overly ready to not be working nights anymore, or at least not three a week. We miss seeing friends.  I enjoy having family time and hate missing things.

To move into a bigger house that gives us a little more elbow room.

To see what God has in store to grow this family (I say all the time that Henry will be an only child, ha).

To see answered prayers in the lives of some people I care about and love.

But, this season is oh so good and I really need to step back and see that at times. Seasons where there aren't major life changes or battles are nice! While there are things we are waiting on, He has been so faithful.

So, this week has been a blur. A take one step at a time kind of week. During those steps we've heard lots of giggles, read lots of books, had great conversation over cups of tea, gotten a surprise pillow from my dear husband, and even ordered a slouchy t haha. Very thankful.

Love his laugh.

Constantly reaching for things and moving however he can to get them.


  1. "While there are things we are waiting on, He has been so faithful."
    This what I feel He keeps speaking to me. Thanks for sharing that thought.

    1. It is always nice to reflect on all the blessings in the restlessness of what's next. Even if those blessings seem small at the time haha.

  2. Those treatments wired Hays like no other...I bet stopping them will get him back to his routine! ( they don't do anything to Tay)
    Hope you all feel better!
    How many more hours do you need!

    1. Ha, I haven't looked at my hours in a while. I can submit for review in July. I will be done well before then, but you have to be under supervision for a certain length of time. It will be here soon! I do enjoy my job, the hours are just hard to adjust to at times. I'm getting to work with teenage girls lately and loving it!

  3. Oh I'm so sorry you all have been sick. How scary for Henry to have had those treatments. I'm glad it's over and hope order returns to your adorable house soon! Can't wait to see the tee!