Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Henry Shower

Over this past weekend, I rode up to Centralia and met up with Chris so we could celebrate his grandmother's 85th birthday.  His Grandma and Grandpa Henry are as sweet as pie and it is always fun to visit them because it usually includes seeing the entire Henry clan.  Sara, Chris' mother, grew up with four siblings.  All five of them have large families and Sara is the only Henry currently without grandchildren (someday Sara, someday).  So, there are LOTS of kids running around and lots of adults conversing during these gatherings.  Chris always jokes that we have to meet at the church to eat because that is the only place which will hold us all.

Not only were we able to celebrate Annabel Henry's birthday, they threw us a little shower.  It was very thoughtful of them and we were able to receive more items for our home.  Two of the items we received were games.  Those Boschens love their games and we are quickly creating quite the collection.  Another blessing was a toaster.  You might be laughing or giving me the "pshhh, a toaster?" look, but seriously if you had to use my toaster, you would be calling me with congratulations.  Yes, I know toasters are cheap, but even though I had to use a towel to get the lever to go down and Chris split his thumb open once in in the process, it worked and if it ain't broke I don't fix it.  (hence the microwave which only has two working buttons)

Anyways... The shower was great, our pile of gifts is growing, and I am SO ready to spring clean and put things away.

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