Monday, March 7, 2011


When it comes to decorations for our wedding, my goal was to be simplistic and practical.  I hope to use items which can be revamped and used in our home or can simply be thrown away without too much pain about the cost going in the trash.  I say this because I am sure my mother would appreciate not havng a closet full of wedding decorations wih no clue what to do with them. Therefore, we have been hitting up flea markets and antique shops for several cute details for the wedding.  I won't go into detail about what we have gotten, simply because I would like guest to walk in and enjoy what they see rather than already knowing every aspect of the wedding.  But, it will be loverly!!

I have hit a wall with a few items though and am hoping to have a little help from my friends in locating these items.  If you are out and about at a flea market and find a large rectangular and/or oval frame that are ornate, holla back at me.

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