Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Work Shower

This past Tuesday (3/8) my delightful coworkers pitched in and threw me my very first ever shower.  I was very pleased to share this day with another coworker who is expecting in the next few weeks.  Sharing attention makes me happy in situations like this (maybe not so much at home, but here it was welcomed).  Danavee was thoughtful and made cute bunting for our gift tables, Julie ordered a delicious cake, Whit dresses all cute like and made sure the punch was flowing, and I got to open some presents.  Even though everything we received was from our registry, it is totally different when you open it and realize, "Hey, I was smitten with this in the store and now I actually get to bring it home!!!"  

We are currently coming up with bakery names, seeing as how we received three cake stands (one of them can be used in six different ways so on some days at the bakery, we might just surprise you), Chris gets to learn how to use a wok, our salads will be served in a beautiful wooden bowl, our water will be purified, I have a whisk to mix my cakes, some towels for our bathroom, a big, white serving bowl for something delicious, a slow cooker to learn how to use, and I hope I am not missing anything...  Needless to say, we are also brainstorming kitchen storage ideas.

All in all, I felt pretty loved after my very first ever shower.  It was loverly.

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  1. YAHOO for your first shower! We wanted it to be perfect.