Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm so dizzy my head is spinning...  (I love that song).  Anywho, that's how I am feeling right about now.  I think it was at the three months til wedding mark last week that I began to feel all out of sorts.  We have all of the big things done, they have been for a long while.  So, I have been sitting on plans and blog pictures and lists and ideas for oh, I'd say at least 5 months now.  And now, it is time.  Time to put things into action.  Time to actually start checking things off of the list...  and I'm dizzy.

I know it will all get done, it always does.  I just don't want it to all be done in May or June.  Also, since we are staying in my (cough, cough, I mean our) house, I am fixated on getting things fixed up and prettified before I must live with a boy.  So, in the past week here is what I have done:
  • cut bunting (thanks Nicole)
  • sweet Jenny finished my invitations so they are being proofed currently
  • looked at EVERY (not really but felt that way) furniture store in Springfield for a bedroom set
  • found the bedroom set we adore on Craigslist, people were asking too much
  • woke up at 3 one morning waiting for an email from the Craigslist lady, got an email, called, not willing to come down in price
  • bought fabric for drapes for the living room, pictured below
  • picked out paint for the living room
  • tried to pick out paint for the bathroom
  • cleaned out my closets (garage sale next weekend at mom's)
  • threw away toaster, YAY!
  • bought a few secret items for the reception, hehehehe
  • got two pretty frames (one pictured below)
Here is one of the frames.  I plan to take out the pretty picture (it's up for grabs by the way), put in a chalk board (grandpa project) and paint the frame.  Yes, Danavee, a gold frame shall be spray painted.  I won't ask you to be in attendance at the massacre. 

I am trying to decide on color.  We plan to place this in our white hallway after the wedding.  Therefore I need a color, or I could do white for the wedding and then a color after.  Hmmmm....  I was thinking purple or orange, any other suggestions?

Ok, I must put my dizzy brain to work now on other things.  Twelve and a half weeks until wedding.  I hope to not turn into a goosefish.  Yes, a goosefish.  My kids and I learned about them today.


  1. That is one. ugly. fish.

    Anyway, depending on the age of the frame, I may fully support the painting of it. If it's not vintage, I'm totally down with the destruction!

    Love the fabric.

  2. Orange... or yellow! Like a mustard yellow. Send me the link to the furniture. I want to see it. Do I need to call and have a talk with this person? Keep in mind that a lot of stuff can't get done until those last moments, which does stink. It's stressful but you'll have tons of people to help. I'll be there in April to help with anything you can think of. Not reassuring, I know. Just keep your list going. :)