Friday, May 20, 2011

Problems and Solutions

When you teach, you've gotta be on your game.  Flexibility is the key, the key I tell ya.  Take for instance this morning.  I was encountered right away with several problems and by golly, I found some solutions.

Problem #1:
Entered the building and all lights were off, doorway to our hallway was shut and bolted, and classroom doors were locked (this is uncommon).  Initial reaction, oh crap, the alarm was turned on last night and I've triggered it.

Ignore.  I didn't hear any loud noises and no police showed up, all was well.

Problem #2:
End of the year lack of lesson plans. 

Science experiment, always fun.  Which forced me to walk the dark hallway to the dark storage room and grab necessary materials (side note, I hate the storage room when it is dark)

Problem #3:
While walking back to my room, heard a strange noise coming from the electric sign above the doorway.  Initial thought, creepy movie where the exit sign is buzzing due to low power.  Perhaps there was a reason all the doors were shut?  Is there a crazed maniac in our building!? 

Nope, it was a bird.

At first I wanted to ignore.  It had worked for me once this morning.  Plus, I was really banking on Danavee or Whit being the next to come to work and that would have been hil-ar-i-ous!  But, I got my Crocodile Dundee mentality on and thought, I got this.  I crept down the hallway with full intentions of having a Snow White like conversation with the bird and freeing him.  All the while knowing he would frequent my classroom window to have the occasional chatty chat. 

No such luck.  He spooked and flew away.

Problem #4:
The bird is MIA

Open the doorway anyway in hopes that he will fly away (Snow White was crazy anyways)

Problem #5:
Walked back to my room and guess who I found:

Yup, that's my bud... Let's call him hmmmm Uncle Feather for good measure.  He was flippin out.  He had no desire to rest on my fingertip while I sang.  He wanted the heck outta dodge. 

Try the whole, "Here birdy, birdy" call to get him out of my room.  Nope, didn't work.

Problem #6:
My fearless leader creeps into my room with a sweat shirt.  He has heard of our visitor and has come to capture him.  Ummmm... I am not a member of PETA, but seriously?  A sweat shirt???  Wasn't havin that.

Open the window and turned out our friend, Uncle Feather, was pretty smart.  He flew right out.

I'm still waiting for my window visit Uncle Feather...


  1. Bye! Bye! Blackbird!

    (email random song lyrics day lives on.)

  2. THAT'S where that sweatshirt came from! It was hanging on my door!

  3. You crack me up! Now I get all the bird innuendos. Crazy birds.